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CrossFit Finalizes 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Winners for Some Adaptive Divisions

May 4, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Training Think Tank and Tom Miazga (@tommiazga)
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The winners of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games for five adaptive divisions have just been crowned, while some divisions are gearing up to compete in Madison, Wisconsin in a few short months. 

One big thing: The 2023 season for adaptive athletes started off a bit rough, as new requirements were introduced by CrossFit, making it so just a diagnosis of a certain illness or disability didn’t suffice. Athletes had to go through physical tests and assessments by medical professionals to prove their impairment—a step that previously wasn’t taken until athletes had made it to the Games. 

  • Athletes who prevailed, competed in the Open tests over three weeks, alongside the rest of the CrossFit community. While CrossFit had previously said five of the divisions wouldn’t make an appearance at the Games, it hasn’t ruled out an appearance for all divisions in 2024.

As long as the adaptive division has enough participation for a competitive field in 2024 “we will be inviting all adaptive divisions to compete at the CrossFit Games Finals,” said CrossFit HQ in a release. Three divisions this year will be in Madison; Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Multi-Extremity. 

Tom Miazga, who won the Seated with Hip Function division for the men’s side, understands the complicated nature of having all 8 adaptive divisions in Madison and the recent changes to the qualification requirements. 

  • “There’s no denying that every adaptive division brings a different need to the competition floor,” said Miazga. 
  • “So to ask CrossFit to incorporate eight different divisions of varying needs would create an overwhelming feeling for anyone who hasn’t had enough ‘trial by fire’ to know how well this could operate in an already chaotic schedule.” 
  • “I look at the new qualifications as an extension of respect to say that we ensure we are creating this for the right reasons.”
  • However, “In the same light a disability can impact someone far more than any onlooker may ever understand and I can understand the frustration that some had with the new process.” 

Results by Division


  • Chris Fair, has been crowned the winner of the Vision division for 2023 for the first time. Fair has taken first place in the Open two years in a row, according to his profile on CrossFit’s website. 
  • Erica James took first place on the women’s side for the second time. Morning Chalk Up’s Teaganne Finn interviewed James earlier this year about her experience with retinoblastoma as an infant and the subsequent cancer treatments that left her legally blind. 
  • Hunter Tribe and Rafael Arevalo took second and third place, respectively, in the men’s division. While Mary Colin took second and Sarah Perry took third in the women’s. 

Short Stature

  • Mike Witous and Tim Murray tied for first place in the men’s Short Stature division. Witous did an interview with Morning Chalk Up’s Emily Beers about how excited he is for the potential of making a Games appearance in 2024. This is Murray’s second year winning the title of Fittest Man on Earth in the Short Stature division.
  • Erin Popovich got first place in the women’s Short Stature division her first year doing the CrossFit Open, according to CrossFit LLC. 
  • Juan Serrano Torres got third place in the men’s division (there was no second place winner due to the first place tie), while Irene Wanandi and Mariana Kurylo took home second and third place respectively on the women’s side. 

Seated with Hip Function 

  • Tom Miazga took home first place for the Seated with Hip Function division, which is his third time winning the title. Miazga says since he began competing the division has gotten more competitive and well-refined every year. He is also a Paralympian and a six-time WheelWOD Games champion. 
  • Amalia Ortuno, similar to Miazga, was crowned Fittest Woman on Earth for her third time since CrossFit LLC began offering adaptive divisions at a competitive level. 
  • Michael Egan took second place, while Tom Green took third on the men’s side. Ellen Field and Shana Coissard took home second and third place on the women’s side, respectively. 

Seated without Hip Function

  • Simon Farre landed back on top taking home first place in the Seated without Hip Function division after placing second in 2022’s Adaptive Semifinal. Farre, who is from France, took first place in 2021. 
  • Andrea Wilson’s first place finish has landed her a three-peat reign in the Seated without Hip Function division. She has participated in the Open since 2019. 
  • Jedidiah Snelson and Joshua Young took second and third place, respectively, in the men’s division, while Rebecca Storm Nagel took second and Neslie Bernardi took third on the women’s side. 


  • Lance King, who was diagnosed with Asperberger’s, was crowned Fittest Man on Earth in the Intellectual division. King started CrossFit in 2015, according to his profile on CrossFit’s website. His first year doing the Open was 2022. 
  • Hailey Melakian, took home first place, again. Melakian won the Intellectual division in 2022 and hasn’t placed outside of the top five since the adaptive divisions were first offered. 
  • Ricky Landgraff took second place and Jordan Green took third place on the men’s side. Julia Lane took second place and Abby Frantz took third place on the women’s side. 

Divisions going to the Games: The top five athletes of each division will be sent.

Upper Extremity Men

  • Casey Acree, Xabier Osa Mendes, Alexis Fiorucci, Breki Þórðarson, Samuel Pera

Upper Extremity Women

  • Christina Mazzulo, Anne-Laure Coutenceau, Genevieve Tidwell, Skylar Devault, Elaine De Rocco

Lower Extremity Men

  • Rogan Dean, Seraphin Perier, Charles Pienaar, Ole Kristian Antonsen, HIldon Carvalho

Lower Extremity Women

  • Bayleigh Hooper, Amy Bream, Valerie Cohen, Molly Moore, Lauren Farhat

Multi-Extremity Men

  • Chris Rhyme, Mijail Pedrini, James Brown, Antonio Silvestro, Jonathan Garson

Multi-Extremity Women

  • Noelle Henderson, Jordan Ingalsbe, Shannon Ogar, Amea Reyna, Courtnei Lopez

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