Review of the Week: The Fit Boxx

June 15, 2023 by
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Nothing beats the convenience of having something delivered directly to your door. It’s why Amazon Prime is in business. Now, enter Fit Boxx, whose goal is to do the same thing but with the best apparel, gear and nutrition products delivered right to your door each month. 

As an avid customer in all of these realms, I knew I needed to try it. Plus, anything that allows me to not leave the house is always a yes. Here are my key takeaways from my first Fit Boxx delivery. 

It allowed me to try products that I might not have tried otherwise. We all get in our habits as consumers: these are the brands I buy from, these are the types of products, etc. Sometimes straying away from that can be scary. Having products delivered directly to me that were picked by someone else forced me to try new things. I would not normally eat plant-based protein and usually stick to whey, but I really enjoyed the Possible Protein. I also have never tried Peachy Athletic’s shorts and have been buying from the same company for years. Now I’m a big fan of theirs and love their soft material. 

I turned down purchases from Instagram ads this month. I’m a sucker for an Instagram ad. Especially now that they target us and show us only products they know we’ll like. But I turned down other purchases this month knowing that I would get this box delivered with some new goodies and swag. So shopping addicts, this might be for you. 

I saved money on these products. I’ve always wanted an Element 26 belt (to be like Dani Speegle, duh) and I’m always in the market for new shorts and protein. If I purchased all of those individually, I would have easily spent $100+. But one boxx is only $58! I saved money on these products by purchasing them through Fit Boxx

The bottom line: getting a Fit Boxx in the mail each month is a fun gift to yourself. I found it so fun to be surprised by what came in the mail. Plus you can cancel at any time, so really what’s the risk in giving it a shot? It will brighten your day every month when you see your Boxx waiting on your doorstep. Don’t worry guys, they make a men’s boxx too so you can get in on the fun.

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