Review of the Week: Ritual Vitamins

June 22, 2023 by
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If you’re like me, you are wondering what vitamins you actually need to be taking. If you go down the rabbit hole of vitamins and supplements on the internet, you will be left more confused than when you started your search. 

I had heard of Ritual and knew they were legit, but I finally decided to pull the trigger and give some of their supplements a go. I snagged myself the Women’s Multivitamin 18+ and the Synbiotic+. Here are my key takeaways. 

These pills ACTUALLY taste good. One of the things I dread with vitamins or any other pill is the nasty taste it leaves in my mouth if I don’t swallow it within .01 seconds. Did you know Ritual has flavors for their pills? Mine are mint flavored. And it is magical. 

I am less bloated since taking Ritual. The Snybiotic is formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and a postbiotic (you know, all the biotics) and known to help with gut health. *TMI* you might go to the bathroom a little more, but overall I noticed that I was less bloated. 

My hair and nails grow faster. I had a friend ask me if I had extensions in because my hair growth was noticeable in the month span I had started taking the multivitamins. My nails also started growing faster, which unfortunately brought my nail salon bill up. But a good problem to have. 

I haven’t gotten sick since taking these vitamins. I’ve been around friends and their kids who have had colds and viruses, and I haven’t gotten sick. Normally if I hold one of my nephews when they have a runny nose, the next day I somehow have one too. Since taking Ritual, I’ve been able to avoid catching anything due to the build up in my immune system. 

The bottom line: while vitamins aren’t often something you take and notice an immediate difference, gradually I noticed subtle differences while taking Ritual. I feel better, look better (thanks to less bloating) and am able to stay healthy with a stronger immune system. 
Make Ritual’s vitamins part of your daily routine!

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