Review of the Week: Zonli Cooling Comforter

July 20, 2023 by
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Are you a night sweater? Same. My dream is to bundle up and still be at the perfect temperature. Instead if I put my covers on in the summer I wake up sweating. That’s why the term “cooling comforter” appealed to me immediately. 

Zonli Home is known for their weighted blankets, cooling blankets and heated blankets. As it’s regularly 90+ degrees in South Carolina during this time of year, I snagged the Z-Magic Cooling Comforter and have been sleeping with it for two weeks now. Here are my key takeaways. 

It works. I was very skeptical. I took it out of the packaging and from the first touch was shocked. The chillmax™ fiber is cool to the touch right away. Where normally we kick covers OFF to feel cooler, with this one you’ll be cooler with it on. I had to look it up after sleeping with it for a few days, their lab boasts a 0.48 cooling value, therefore it is the coolest blanket so far in 2023. I haven’t woken up sweating or with no covers on since I kicked them off since starting to sleep with the Z-Magic comforter. 

The king size comforter is perfect for two people. I sleep with a cover hog (sorry, babe), so when my husband wants to roll over with the blankets wrapped around him, they don’t fly off of me like some of our other comforters. We must just be larger than the normal sleeper (blaming you, CrossFit) because most of the time, even if a comforter says it fits a king sized bed, we are fighting for covers. We are now not only not sweating, but not yanking the covers back and forth. 

Both sides work to cool you down. One side of the blanket is 100% bamboo fabric, which enables hot sleepers to stay cool and dry. The other side is the Zonli Chillmax™ fabric, meant to absorb heat away from the body to help you fall asleep faster and sweat a lot less. I’ve tried both sides, and both were successful. 

The bottom line: if you want to feel cool at night and not wake up with sweat on your pillow, then you should get the Zonli Cooling Comforter. It will 100% be our regular summertime blanket for our bed. Zonli is so sure you’ll love it, they do a 21-night free trial. It’s also currently on sale, so go snag one. Night sweaters unite!

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