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August 9, 2023 by
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Watching the 2023 CrossFit Games gives all sorts of feelings, but often the main one is the motivation to get fitter. There is nothing like watching these incredible athletes reach the highest fitness levels to push you to want to do the same – to test your ability to push yourself past levels you never thought possible. But how to best attack this goal?

Enter Mayhem Performance Coaching, brought to you by Jake Foster and the crew over at Mayhem Athlete. Mayhem is now doing 1:1 personalized performance programming with clients remotely, so wherever you are in the world, you can glean knowledge from some of the best in the CrossFit space. This is an elite program, though, not necessarily for the level of the athlete but for the level of personalized attention each participant will get. This means that Mayhem will only be taking 50 – yes, 50 – clients at a time, and you must apply to be accepted. This is an exclusive program!

  • One of the biggest challenges as a competitive CrossFit athlete is the immense amount of confusing advice available on improving in the sport. That’s why we created Mayhem Performance Coaching,” said Jake Foster, Mayhem Performance Head Coach. “We team you up with a coach who guides you in finding the most effective training, nutrition, and lifestyle program for your needs. It’s the most personalized, scientific, and fastest way to help you compete in the next level of CrossFit.”

What Makes This Program Different:

It is not only personalized programming to help you hit your specific goals; it is nutrition coaching AND mindset coaching. Sometimes, the most challenging muscle to train is the one between your ears, and Mayhem will prioritize that. They have a deep roster of coaches, so each athlete will have one explicitly matched with them. The coaches in the program have a wide range of backgrounds, including Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Endurance, so there is a coach for every type of athlete.

  • “Mayhem has always been about training like a champion in a great community,” said Rich Froning, 10x CrossFit Games Champion. “Our newer individualized option within Mayhem allows us to provide the most comprehensive approach to training from the industry’s best fitness coaches and programmers, all while ensuring we don’t lose our foundation of community. Whether you follow one of our Competitor tracks or get a 1 on 1 coach, you can stay within our Mayhem Family and see the best results possible.”

Who Is This For:

This is NOT just for the elite athlete – it is for anyone who simply wants to be better. Whether it is prepping to excel at the open, enter their first local competition, or be better at the workouts at their gym. 

What Clients Are Saying:

  • “I am almost 37 years old and haven’t PRed lifts in a long time. After being with Mayhem Performance Coaching for only three months now, I am starting PR lifts again, but also PRing other things like ring muscle ups.”
  • “A lot of what I did prior to Mayhem Performance Coaching was guesswork. But with Jake, I come into every training day confident in my program. In 2022, I just barely made the cut for semi-finals while training on my own. In 2023, I started working with Jake, and I was a few spots away from qualifying for the Crossfit Games as an individual.”
  • “At 21 months postpartum, I am stronger, fitter, and more confident in my abilities than when I was at my peak prior to pregnancy. I am continuing to PR even when that isn’t necessarily the intention. I am excelling in areas that used to be huge weaknesses.”

What Is Included In The Program:

  • Biweekly Video Consultations
  • 24-Hour Weekday Response Rate
  • Training Overview Videos
  • Mayhem Performance Circle Group
  • Performance Mindset Training
  • Discounted Training Camps
  • Discounts from 931 Performance Therapy
  • Free Drop-ins at CrossFit Mayhem
  • 30% discount on all Mayhem Apparel
  • Access to all Mayhem Compete Programs
  • 10% discount at TWR weekends

How Do I Apply:

The application window is from Monday, August 7th – Friday, August 18th, and remember, Mayhem is only taking the first 50 qualified athletes and pairing them with the coach who best fits them based on their application and needs.

Apply here!!

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