What happened?

On Tuesday, CrossFit and Strauss Brands inked a deal to begin offering CrossFit approved meat to consumers through Strauss’ online store. We’re talking chicken, burgers, cuts of steak, all of the grass-fed organic variety. Available now, the official CrossFit box is delivered to your door packed with 5 chicken breasts, 3 pounds of ground beef, 2 tenderloin filets, 2 ribeye steaks, 2 strip steaks and 2 sirloin steaks for $215 + free shipping.

Strauss also plans to offer CrossFitters meat in select grocery stores across the United States sometime this year.

Interesting. Where’d that come from?

In case you forgot what your coach taught you in foundations, CrossFit believes that health doesn’t end at the affiliate. And healthy eating isn’t just about what you don’t put in your body, but also what you do.

And if you haven’t been paying close attention lately, CrossFit HQ has been beefing up their messaging on the health care front. They launched CrossFit Health last month and there’s never a dull moment in Greg Glassman’s war against Coca-Cola.

From Strauss’ perspective, the stars just aligned with CrossFit: “Much like CrossFit, Strauss recognizes diet as the foundational key to optimal health, which is why we start and finish our cattle on pasture grass,” Strauss CEO Randy Strauss said.

OK got it. Will we be seeing more of this?

That’s TBD. We’re talking with people familiar with the partnership and we’ll be circling back.

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