Hi, I’m Pegan.

June 21, 2018 by
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Um what?

The Internet is a strange place. It connects us all and allows us to share all types of new ideas and concepts — but let’s be honest, maybe some of them should stay as just ideas. But whether it’s the newest IG food trend, diet, or some new, completely unbelievable product, we’re taking it all in and talking about it.

Like being a Pegan…Not to be confused with Pagan.

We’re talking about the Pegan diet — when paleo and vegan collide. As impossible as that sounds to achieve, the Pegan diet combines the principles from both diets under one umbrella. So many of those non-paleo veggie items like legumes and starches and more fruits are back on the menu, and all those animal byproducts we’re salivating over right now are also in play. But most gluten products and milk — definitely don’t ‘got milk’ — are personas non grata. And you should try really really hard to make it all organic.

The crazy food trends continue.

Take nut butters for instance (we know you love them). There’s the brands we know and love: RXBAR, Phat Fudge, and Justins. Now there are craft nut butters: nut butter made with craft beer. Why? Well, because they can.

It’s not all bad.

Thankfully, many of these crazy weird products stem from a place of improvement. We’ve ditched the sodas and now we have more sparkling water varieties than we’ll ever know what to do with. There’s The Date Lady giving us healthier ways of sweetening our treats (like with pure date syrup), and companies working to make healthier versions of our favorites, like paleo chocolate bars (we’re pretty sure you can’t hunt or gather those, but what do we know?).

But some of it’s bad.

Let’s take a minute to thank the internet world for opening up our eyes to all the things that could be— but tell them to take that cockroach milk back to wherever it came from, because NOPE.

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