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CrossFit Games Day Three Recap

August 3, 2018 by
Photo courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.
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Friday was another busy day for individual athlete as they faced three more events. Later today, they’ll face at least four more workouts.

Here are six stories you need to know from Day 3.

  1. The clean and jerk speed ladder was a repeat…sorta. In 2014, athletes faced a clean ladder of ascending weights. And cause it’s four years later, Dave kept the weights the same but reduced the time cap and made it a clean and jerk instead. Mathew Fraser, who took 3rd in the 2014 event, failed to make the top five after he missed a 310 pound clean and jerk not once,not twice, but three times. Rookie athlete Jared Enderton, however, had no issues moving a 345 pound barbell and finished in 2nd.FUN FACT: In 2014, Jared Enderton won a silver medal in the Clean and Jerk at Nationals.Tia Clair Toomey might have gone to the Olympics for weightlifting and recently won the Commonwealth Games, but it was rookie Amanda Barnhart who cleaned up the event. She actually power cleaned every barbell from 155 pounds to 225 pounds.

    FUN FACT: The women in the final heat clean and jerked 2850 pounds total through the entire event.

  2. Fibionacci and fitter. A total of 10 male and 12 female athletes improved their performance in Fibionacci since 2017. This comes despite the fact that Dave Castro increased the deficit handstand push-up reps for females. On average, the 18 men who repeated Fibonacciy performed five reps better than last year.
  3. Emily Bridgers says goodbye. Bridgers planned on making 2018 her final year competing at the CrossFit Games, but her trip ended abruptly after she fell and dislocated her ankle in the obstacle course. Emily sat down and penned this exclusive piece saying goodbye after eight years of competitive CrossFit.
  4. Didn’t meet the minimum work requirements. Justine Beath sat underneath the obstacle course wall, tears welling up as she was unable to make it over. The minimum work requirement on Event 5 was completing the obstacle course, and any athlete who failed to do so would be disqualified. Unfortunately, Beath failed to make it through and she’s going home.
  5. An update on Michele Fumagalli. After breaking her wrist during the Crit event, Michele “met with hand specialist Dr. Mark Cohen at Rush Orthopedic this morning.” Her surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. Pins will be put in to heal those and then a plate/screw for broken scaphoid bone.
  6. CrossFit to Allow Transgender Athletes to Compete. Last night, CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman announced that beginning with the 2019 CrossFit Games season, transgender athletes will be allowed to compete in the gender division in which they identify. While the exact policies are still being metered out, one individual close to decision making process said that CrossFit will likely mirror International Olympic Committee’s established policies and guidelines. Currently, athletes may only compete in the gender assigned to them at birth.


— Men: 1). Mat Fraser (564), 2). Lukas Högberg (516), 3). Patrick Vellner (474), 4). Brent Fikowski (462), 5). Cole Sager (418), 6). Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson (408), 7). Adrian Mundwiler (384), 8). Noah Ohlsen (372), 9). Willy Georges (364), 10). Lukas Esslinger (362).

— Women: 1). Tia-Clair Toomey (580), 2). Laura Horvath (522), 3). Annie Thorisdottir (516), 4). Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir (482), 5). Kara Saunders (474), 6). Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir (406), 7). Kristin Holte (402), 8). Brooke Wells (400), 9). Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter (394), 10). Kari Pearce (386).

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