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CrossFit HQ Lays Off More Games Staff

Oct 15, 2018 by

The story.

Today, approximately 12-15 employees made up mostly of CrossFit Games broadcasting staff were laid off.

Remind me.

About two months ago, Greg Glassman let go more than 50 CrossFit Games staff, mostly in their media and Games operations departments. These layoffs were a part of major changes introduced to the CrossFit Games season and calendar.


Yup. Though there are still more than 20 full time staff on the CrossFit media team, CrossFit Games media content as you’ve come to know it is completely gone. Now adding to that is broadcasting team — the ones who brought you all those free livestreams you’ve been watching on Facebook, the update studio and other YouTube content.

And don’t look for anymore update videos from the CrossFit Games team. Two weeks ago, Sean Woodland, Tommy Marquez, and Rory McKernan signed on for the last time to deliver the final studio update.

It also seems unlikely that fans will see a fourth installment of the award-winning Fittest on Earth documentary franchise. BoxRox just confirmed that Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers were also let go.

What’s CrossFit HQ saying?

We spoke to CrossFit CEO Jeff Cain and he said, “Today’s layoffs redirect resources and attention to CrossFit’s essential business activities — training and affiliation — in order to make further headway as the world’s leading health and fitness company.”

In multiple conversations over the past few weeks, including several when we were up at CrossFit HQ with both Glassman and Cain last weekend, HQ’s restructuring is part of a broader effort to go all in on training and growing the brand internationally. It’s also an opportunity for other broadcasters, media personalities, and reporters to step in and fill these media gaps.

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