Clay Corwin, Finding Fitness After Fifty

October 24, 2018 by
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Some background.

Terry Corwin’s husband of 27 years, Clay,  has always been athletic. So no one was surprised when he made it to the CrossFit Games in 2016 in the Men’s 60+ category. And no one was surprised when he went again in 2017. But this time, his CrossFit Athlete Bio looked a little different.

What was different?

Well, his wife wrote it. “Since my husband, Clay, is going to the Games again, I decided to hijack his Athlete Profile and fill it out. I’ll do it better than he would anyhow…”

That’s awesome.

It totally is. But what is even more awesome is the promise she made in 2017 that if Clay placed, she would start CrossFit herself.

Guess who came in fifth.

Yup, and Terry Corwin is a woman of her word. She started CrossFit on April 4, 2018. (It took her a minute to commit. We forgive her.) “The head banging music was blaring, weights were clanging, and there were too many fit women and beefy guys to count. I was old enough to be everyone’s mother. What had I gotten myself into?  I swallowed hard and kept walking in,” she wrote.

On top of writing her husband’s CrossFit bio, she has also started to blog about her fitness journey. She just celebrated her six-month anniversary with CrossFit and made a list of things that she’s learned along the way.

  • I can touch my toes (you know, with straight legs). I couldn’t when I started.
  • I can do a sit up unassisted. Actually, I can do about 100 or more now!
  • I can deadlift 100 pounds, back squat 105 pounds, front squat 75 pounds, overhead squat 50 pounds, bench press 65 pound, sled drag 135 pounds (20 more than I weigh!!!) and more. Not sure what I could do before because I never tried.
  • I can run a mile without stopping or walking. 8:43 is my current PR!!!

Relationship Goals.

Accurate, and now the whole family is involved. Terry and Clay even roped in their two sons for a family WOD. And at the end of the day, Terry still lists her husband Clay as her biggest inspiration and number one fan.

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