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CrossFit Announces New Media Policy, World Feed Live Stream at the Games

June 20, 2019 by
Photo courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.
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With the 2019 CrossFit Games are just over a month away, CrossFit Inc. announced that there will be a live stream of the Games in the form of a “World Feed,” along with a new media policy for fans, outside media, and anyone interested in covering the sport.

The Nitty Gritty: we’ve heard rumors of a potential live stream of the competition circulating in recent weeks, but this announcement confirms that fans in the very least will be able to watch the premiere test of fitness live.

  • The CrossFit Games team will provide what they’ve dubbed a “professional feed,” that will be open source, and available to anyone.
  • Broadcasters, media outlets, and literally anyone else can take the feed and provide their own elements, and commentary in whatever language or style they choose, on whatever platform they choose.
  • Anyone interested can email [email protected] for more info.
  • The announcement confirmed that the Games will officially start August 1st – which is a Thursday – leaving four days of competition to crown the fittest.

This also indicates that the feed provided by the Games will be absent of commentary and potentially most visual elements utilized for the live stream in the past if you plan on watching the feed provided by CrossFit.

Translation: fewer bells and whistles.

This is just a hunch, but given the nature of the changes this season and the announcement, it appears that the Age Groups will be left out of the live stream.

In addition to the World Feed, the announcement of a new media policy onsite signals a more lenient approach towards fans, and other outlets covering the event.

  • Fans wanting to capture the event are now allowed to take photos, video, and audio of the event for use on personal social media platforms, websites, and sharing amongst your gym buddies.
  • Previously banned equipment such as tripods, detachable and long lenses, and selfie sticks are now allowed.
  • CrossFit will be issuing as many professional use permits as possible. After filling out a Professional Media Agreement the necessary credentials will be issued by CrossFit.
  • Commercial use licenses will also be issue pending application and approval by CrossFit prior to the event.
  • Both professional use applications and commercial licenses can be obtained by emailing [email protected]

The takeaway: In both instances CrossFit, Inc. is relaxing regulations and opening up opportunities for others to be involved from a media standpoint. In the case of the world feed, it means a step down – at least for this year – in the level of production that fans were used to at the Games. The consolation is that everyone will have more freedom to snap selfies, take higher quality photos, and record media of their own.

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