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CrossFit Inc, WIT Strike Global Partnership

July 12, 2019 by
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In another large scale change, CrossFit Inc. is joining forces with WIT, a global sports retailer, which will officially make WIT the global e-commerce partner of CrossFit.

If you’re unfamiliar with WIT, the London based company caters specifically in the training vertical, sort of like Foot Locker for Basketball, with their stores offering an assortment of products including all major brands in the space. They also sponsor top Games athletes like Scott Panchik, Jamie Greene, Jessica Griffith, Cody Mooney, Haley Adams and Elliot Simmonds.

The implications. 

First and foremost: The CrossFit store ( and The CrossFit Stuff store ( will be combined into a single store on CrossFit’s website, managed by WIT. The switch over will take place Saturday morning at 12:01 AM GMT.

Second: WIT will also be bringing their retail and brand experience to the CrossFit Games. 

  • At Strength in Depth in February, WIT built a shop, train, buy experience to the London Sanctional with Chris Hinshaw on hand to run seminars and allow athletes to test out footwear. 
  • In Paris, to coincide with both the global launch of the Nike Metcon 5 and the French Throwdown, WIT was the only retailer globally to introduce the Metcon 5 in person for athletes to try on and test in a WOD. 
  • We’d bet money that you see the like of NOBULL and/or Nike somehow built into this experience. 

The terms of the partnership point towards a broader offering of product services, as well as opening the door for emerging brands to have a place at the table, all under one roof.

  • Reebok will continue to be the key brand partner of the CrossFit Store into 2020
  • The new CrossFit Store will have both U.S. and E.U. website for the first time.
  • Initial distribution will be handled through WIT’s E.U. center before U.S. distribution is launched.
  • U.S. based orders will receive discounted postage, and orders will remain within the typical 2-4 day delivery window.
  • The soft launch of the new site will be coming shortly before the Games, with a wider site launch of inventory coming in the weeks following the Games.

It’s a buyer’s market

The announcement brings to the forefront a more globalized approach to merchandising and brand recognition within the CrossFit, which has a host of benefits for the consumer.

  • A one-stop shop for gear, apparel, and a wider array of brand options available directly at the CrossFit Store, including official CrossFit apparel from Reebok. 
  • The creation of both a U.S. and E.U. based stores means broader accessibility distribution-wise with more shipping options at potentially lower cost to consumers.
  • The inclusion of more brands now opens the door for future emerging brands within the space to gain exposure through the store, and have a global retail platform to grow through.
  • WIT has regularly partnered with brands for exclusive collaborations and offering from brands, which will continue and now be available on a larger scale. 

WIT CEO Daniel Williams: “The long term evolution of the Crossfit store will involve the platform featuring a wider, multi-brand collection and will be available to the global consumer across multiple localised regional platforms. At WIT our aim is to be the leading platform globally for the training consumer to access an ever increasing array of products and the truly varied collection they deserve, something which Crossfit is very much aligned with.” 

To anyone keen enough, signs of this change have been laid out for a few weeks now, since the CrossFit Store, and Stuff Store URLs no longer worked and both redirected to the CrossFit section of the main Reebok website

The change also harkens back to a quote from Greg Glassman in a recent interview where he says “the list of things I don’t want to do is growing,” and in holding true to this statement, CrossFit Inc. is allowing another major player in the retail space take the reigns. 

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