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CrossFit Games Day Two Recap, Line-By-Line

October 24, 2020 by
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Day two of the 2020 CrossFit Games donned with clearer skies and warmer temperatures, it was 62 degrees at gametime. The final five men and women took the field at the Morgan Hill Sports Complex for the first two events of the day, to be broadcast live on CBS Sports.

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Leaderboard, End of Day Two

  1. Mathew Fraser – 875 | Tia-Clair Toomey – 770
  2. Jeffrey Adler – 440 | Katrin Davidsdottir – 480
  3. Samuel Kwant – 415 | Kari Pearce – 455
  4. Justin Medeiros – 395 | Haley Adams – 415
  5. Noah Ohlsen – 395 | Brooke Wells – 400

Event 6: Toes-to-Bar/Lunge, Women’s Division

  • For time:
  • 30-20-10 reps
  • Toes-to-bar
  • Kettlebell lunge (yards) (32/24kg)
  • The keys to this event were to go fast and unbroken and make no errors. The women were up first and Tia-Clair Toomey looked to rebuild her point cushion after finishing in fifth and third in the last two events on Friday.
  • Toomey came out hot, keeping her toes-to-bar tight and cycling them quickly. Davidsdottir was first off the pull-up bar though at :40.3 with Toomey and Wells only 2 seconds behind.
  • In the middle round, Toomey showed a strategy that would ultimately pay off down the stretch when she placed her kettlebells just in front of her pull-up bar instead of close to the lunge start line. This allowed her to get back onto the rig more quickly, a fact that allowed her to overtake Davidsdottir for the lead in the final round of 10.
  • Toomey came off the pull-up bar one rep ahead of Davidsdottir and took that momentum into the final set of lunges. Davidsdottir eased off the gas as it became clear that Toomey would cross the line first logging a time of 3:33.63 and bouncing back from Friday afternoon with 100 points. Davidsdottir finished second and because Adams finished last, gained a 60 jump and overtook second place on the leaderboard.

Event 6: Toes-to-Bar/Lunge, Men’s Division

  • In the men’s heat, Noah Ohlsen came out hot, coming off the rig 3 reps ahead of Fraser at the :40 mark, with Fraser and Medeiros right on his heels.
  • Ohlsen opened a bit of a lead in the first 30 meters of lunges, but Fraser used the same strategy as Toomey and dropped his kettlebells almost directly under his pull-up bar allowing him to transition quickly, starting his set of 20 toes-to-bar only one rep behind Ohlsen instead of several. It’s worth noting that Medeiros was the only other athlete to take advantage of that strategy.
  •  Ohlsen maintained a slight lead over Fraser into the second set of lunges with Medeiros just behind. But after a slight stumble, Fraser overtook the challenger and was first to the rig to begin the final set.
  • Fraser opened up a 2-rep lead on the pull-up bar and put the pedal down in the last ten meters of walking lunges to take the event win with a time of 3:04.77. It was Fraser’s third consecutive event win and the 24th in his career. Ohlsen finished in second, followed by Medeiros in third.

Event 7: Snatch Speed Triple, Women’s Division

  • For time:
  • 1 snatch at each bar
  • Quarterfinal Round:
    5 athletes, 1-minute cap
    W 145-150-155 lb.
    M 225-235-245 lb.
  • Semifinal Round:
    4 athletes, 2-minute cap
    W 160-165-170 lb.
    M 245-255-265 lb.
  • Final Round:
    3 athletes, 3-minute cap
    W 175-180-185 lb.
    M 265-275-285 lb.
  • Tia-Clair Toomey, with her Olympic background, came into this event as an obvious favorite, although neither Davidsdottir who snatches well, especially in speed events, nor Wells could be counted out.
  • In the quarterfinal round, Toomey cruised through all three barbells, power snatching each one and crossing the finish line in :21.24, Wells seemed to pace too slowly and had a three-way race to the finish with Davidsdottir and Pearce. Adams struggled to lift the final bar and was eliminated.
  • In the semifinal round, Toomey again cruised through all three barbells, although she switched to a full snatch on the second bar at 160 pounds. Wells picked up the pace, completing all her lifts successfully, as did Davidsdottir. Pearce failed her first attempt at the final bar, sealing the deal for her elimination.
  • In the final round, the story was much the same for Toomey, she handled all three lifts smoothly and cruised to an event win with a time of :30.06. Wells took a measured pace, hit her lifts successfully and locked up second place, while Davidsdottir failed the final bar at 185 pounds once before successfully completing the lift and finishing in third.
  • For Toomey, this was her second event win of the morning, widening her lead and extending her career total event win record to 21.   

Event 7: Snatch Speed Triple, Men’s Division

  • As the men took to the competition floor, Fraser was once again the favorite, but the commentators noted that Jeffrey Adler had “called his shot,” stating that he would win this event.
  • In the quarterfinal round, Fraser sped through all three lifts at a blistering pace with Adler right on his heels. The pair finished the round in :21.04 and :21.17. Ohlsen and Medeiros both failed the final bar, but Ohlsen was able to recover faster and crossed the finish line, moving on to the semifinals, while Medeiros was eliminated.
  • In the semifinals, Fraser once again made short work of all three lifts, finishing in :25.47. The other three athletes all struggled on the final bar. Kwant and then Adler made it and crossed the finish line, eliminating Ohlsen from the finals.
  • Fraser’s run in the final round was not as clean, he failed once on the final barbell at 285 pounds, recovering quickly though, he was able to hold off a hard-charging Jeffrey Adler who took second. Samuel Kwant finished third overall.
  • The win was Fraser’s fourth consecutive, which tied Toomey’s consecutive event win record.

Event 8: Bike Repeater, Women’s Division

  • For time:
  • 10 rounds
  • 440-meter bike sprint
  • 1 legless rope climb (15 ft.)
  • The keys to the Bike Repeater were handling the bike well in the turnarounds and transitions, and managing grip and upper body pulling fatigue.
  • At 3-2-1-Go, Katrin Davidsdottir got off to a quick lead on the bike, but into the second round, Tia-Clair Toomey took over.
  • By the fourth round, Pearce and Adams were battling it out for second place as Toomey opened a big lead, while Brooke Wells appeared to struggle and slow down.
  • In the back half of the race, it was clear that no one could catch Toomey as she blazed through her transitions and climbs. And, by the eighth round, Adams overtook Pearce.
  • Toomey finished in 17:37.51 for the event win, her third in a row and the 22nd event win in her career. Adams took second place, Pearce third, Davidsdottir, who has struggled with legless rope climbs in the past took fourth. Wells finished last, a little over a minute later.

Event 8: Bike Repeater, Men’s Division

  • Justin Medeiros took off to an early lead in round one, demonstrating skill on the bike and in the transitions. Through the first half of the race, he, Fraser, and Ohlsen were neck-and-neck.
  • By the fifth round, however, Ohlsen had fallen all the way to fifth place at the back of the pack.
  • The race heated up in the final three rounds. In the eighth, Adler crept up and passed Medeiros on the bike loop, then in ninth round, he challenged Fraser on bike and even passed the leader for a moment at the end of the legless rope climb.
  • Fraser leaned forward on his bike in the tenth and final round, holding off Adler down the final stretch and climb. Fraser took the event win with a time of 12:54.76 with Alder right behind at 12:56.35.
  • The win was Fraser’s fifth consecutive, breaking the record Tia-Clair Toomey set yesterday. Securing another 100 points, Fraser entered the final event of the day with a 390 point lead over Jeffrey Adler and a 395 point lead over Justin Medeiros.

Event 9: Happy Star, Women’s Division

  • For time:
  • 200- to 300-meter hill run
  • 5-7-9-11 reps of:
  • Burpee
  • Thruster

        W 95-105-110-115 lb
        M 135-145-155-165 lb

  • The athletes returned to the Ranch for the final event of day two. Announced only shortly before starting, an interesting component was the variable hill runs. Instead of repeating a single loop, the athletes were required to start each round with a different run.
  • The women were up first and the race started fast and furious with Brooke Wells taking off up the first hill run. Tia-Clair Toomey stayed close and after finishing the first round of burpees over a beam 30” above the ground, Wells received a no rep on her first thruster.
  • Toomey and Wells battled it out at a blistering pace through the second and third rounds. Haley Adams held strong in third place in the third round, but fell into fifth place by the end of round four.
  • Wells tried to make a move in the fourth round, charging up the hill, but Toomey stayed close and both started the final 11 burpees at the same time. It soon became clear though that Wells had redlined her pace and failed several thruster reps, dropping to single repetitions by the end. Toomey crossed the line first at 8:42.59 and while Wells struggled, Pearce and Davidsdottir both finished the event in second and third respectively.
  • The event win gave Toomey a clean sweep for the day.

Event 9: Happy Star, Men’s Division

  • A familiar story unfolded on the men’s side as Samuel Kwant got off to an early lead on the first hill run, but Fraser stayed close, and took over the lead in the second round as Medeiros settled into third place.
  • Pushing the pace, Fraser opened up a commanding lead by the end of the thrusters in round three and was able to cruise to a fourth and final event win on the day with a time of 8:18.21.
  • Kwant held off a late charge by Adler and the pair finished in second and third, separated by 7 seconds. Ohlsen claimed third place, while Madeiros, who faded by the final hill sprint, finished last.
  • The event win gave Fraser six consecutive event wins and a clean sweep for the day. It also brought his career event win total to 27.

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