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2022 CrossFit Games Individual Quarterfinals: Everything You Need to Know About Cutoffs and Beyond

March 18, 2022 by
Photo Credit: CrossFit LLC
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The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Open is complete, the leaderboard is reviewed and finalized, and now we look to the Quarterfinals stage of competition where the top 10% individuals in each continental region will compete from a blank slate.

This article is referencing Individual Quarterfinals only. We will release more information regarding Team and Age-Group Quarterfinals as it becomes clear.

Who advances to Quarterfinals?

According to the CrossFit Games Rulebook, the top 10% is “based on the number of athletes registered per continent as of the close of 22.1.”

Estimated cut off lines by continent: These estimates are based on total individual registrations per gender, per continent reported to us by athletes in those areas. Because the final cut off line is determined by the number of athletes registered at the close of 22.1, there could be slight discrepancies in the final cutoff line.

Continental RegionWomen – Top 10%Men – Top 10%
North America6429th7061st*
South America452nd675th
2022 CrossFit Games – UNOFFICIAL Individual Quarterfinals Cutoffs | Source: CrossFit Games App – Continental Rankings

*Note: Since publishing this article, CrossFit has posted official cutlines for Individuals, Teams, and Age Groups.

Important Dates 🗓

  • March 18: Open Leaderboard finalized
  • March 21 – 25: Registration open
  • March 21: Floor plans released
  • March 24: All workout details released
  • March 25: Submission deadline for Result 1 and 2 (12 p.m. PT)
  • March 26: Submission deadline for Result 3 and 4 (12 p.m. PT)
  • March 27: Submission deadline for Final Result (12 p.m. PT)
  • April 1: Leaderboard finalized (via Rulebook p.18)
  • April 13: Semifinal acceptance deadline

Equipment List

Photo Credit: CrossFit LLC

How does it work?

Official invitation emails will be sent to all athletes that have qualified for the Individual Quarterfinals stage of competition by Monday, March 21. Any questions regarding invitations should be sent to [email protected].

  • Registration will open on Monday, March 21 and close at noon PT on Friday, March 25. Athletes will receive an official floor plan and equipment list upon registration.

All event details will be released on Thursday, March 24 at Noon PT, at which point athletes are able to complete the workouts and submit their videos and scores on their CrossFit Games account. Athletes will have a 24-hour window to complete and submit scores for two workouts before the next 24-hour submission period begins.

  • First two results (1 and 2) must be submitted by Friday, March 25 at Noon PT.
  • Second two results (3 and 4) must be submitted by Saturday, March 26 at Noon PT.
  • Final results (5+) must be submitted by Sunday, March 27 at Noon PT.

From what we can tell, there will be at least five scored workouts over the duration of Individual Quarterfinals.

The CrossFit Games Rulebook recommends that any athlete who may be competing for a top leaderboard position should videotape all their workouts, as the top women and men “on each respective continental leaderboard will be required to submit videos for review, (p.18).”

  • “Submitting a video for review is required with the score submission if an athlete qualifies to compete at Semifinals.”

Teams, Age-Groups, and Adaptive Divisions

Morning Chalk Up will release more information regarding Team and Age-Group Quarterfinals in the weeks to come.

It’s worth noting: The Rulebook states that athletes competing in Individual Quarterfinals are also eligible to be compete as part of a Team Quarterfinal roster.

  • Age-group athletes (16-54) are also eligible to compete in the Individual Quarterfinal if they qualify based on their rankings on the Individual Men and Women continental leaderboards. They may also compete on a team during the Team Quarterfinal if they belonged to a team (during the Open) that qualifies for the competition.
  • As far as we can tell, this means an athlete could compete in all three Quarterfinal divisions (Individual, Team, Age-Group) if they qualified in each division.
  • However, athletes may only compete in one division during the Semifinal phase of competition.

Adaptive Division

There is no Quarterfinal stage of competition for Adaptive divisions. “Based on Open finish rank, the top 20 men and women worldwide in each adaptive division will qualify to compete in a virtual Semifinal competition.” (p.25, 2022 CrossFit Games Rulebook) 

  • May 5: Invitations sent for Semifinals
  • June 2 – 5: Adaptive Division Online Semifinal

What’s next?

After Quarterfinals are complete and finalized, the top athletes in each region will be invited to compete in one of ten Semifinal competitions hosted across the globe. Each Semifinal will host 30 individual men and 30 individual women for a total of 300 athletes in each division.

Continental Region# of Semifinal Competitions in that Region# of Athletes in Each Division (M/F)
North America4120
South America130
Semifinal Cutlines by Continental Region

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