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Guilherme Malheiros Breaks Barbell Complex Record

June 11, 2022 by
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Across the globe, all eyes were on Guilherme Malheiros to see just how heavy the 7th fittest man on earth would lift on the barbell complex. It wasn’t a matter of if he’d win, but whether he would attempt to break the worldwide record set a week earlier by Anthony Davis at the Granite Games.

Barbell Complex

  • 3 attempts for max load:
  • 3 Cleans
  • 2 Front Squats
  • 1 Shoulder-to-Overhead

Malheiros’ opening lift of 152kg was already the heaviest lift in the field, besting second-place Agustin Guinazu’s 148kg lift.

One big thing: After the record-breaking lift, there was some question as to whether it would be ruled a no rep as it appeared that Malheiros missed his first jerk attempt, re-racked and made a second attempt which was successful.

  • According to the event guidelines supplied to each Semifinal by CrossFit HQ, “If the athlete fails the jerk and brings the barbell back to the rack position, the athlete may NOT reattempt the jerk. (Note: This is for athlete safety – we do not want to encourage risky re-racking of a failed lift to gain another attempt).”
  • According to Copa Sur: “The judge considered it a regripping and not reracking.”

Event 4 Results

  • 1. Guilherme Malheiros – 356 pounds
  • 2. Agustin Guinazu – 326 pounds
  • 3T. Luiz Henrique Alves Moreira – 312 pounds
  • 3T – Maximiliano Arigossi – 321 pounds
  • 3T. Martin Miguel Gonzalez – 321 pounds

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