2022 CrossFit Games Women’s Podium and Dark Horse Picks

August 1, 2022 by

Yesterday we ran through the men’s field and talked about how difficult it is to find a place on the podium because so many of the top men are doing it so often. That has in part been the case with the women too, only this year, many of the familiar names from the last seven seasons are missing:

  • Katrin Davidsdottir: four podiums in the last seven years
  • Sara Sigmundsdottir: two podiums in the last seven years
  • Annie Thorisdottir: two podiums in the last seven years
  • Kari Pearce, Kristin Holte, Jamie Greene: one podium each over that time period

That’s more than half of the last 21 podium places that are gone… and yet to get on the podium in the women’s division, is still an incredibly daunting feat.

Podium Predictions:

First Place: Tia-Clair Toomey

It’s hard to know where to start with Toomey, but I’ll say this: as she’s getting ready to go for her sixth title (which would push her ahead of the Mat Fraser and into the outright lead all time), she seems to be not just fitter, but much fitter, than she’s ever been. There are so many stats to draw from, but these are the two that I believe solidify her as untouchable against this field:

  1. She won nine of the fifteen events at last year’s Games. Only three other women (Annie Thorisdottir-14, Katrin Davidsdottir-13, and Sam Briggs-11), and two other men (Fraser-29 and Rich Froning-16) have more than that for their entire career.
  2. When stacked up against this field of women on the ten common workouts they’ve done already this season she never finished worse than 4th.
  3. Note those are primarily Open and Quarterfinals workouts which are done online and were likely of very little importance to her… oh, and she spent the off season training for a different sport.

That last note leads one to wonder if perhaps the notion of “regularly learn and play new sports” is not just a suggestion for fitness, but may actually lend itself to improved performance at the top of this sport too–maybe a topic for another day.

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