Momentous Signs Partnership with Annie Thorisdottir

July 25, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi
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Poised for her 13th Games appearance, two-time champion and CrossFit icon Annie Thorisdottir just signed a partnership with the renowned and championed supplement innovator, Momentous

Some background: Like most professional athletes, Thorisdottir has always gone to great lengths to research what she’s putting in her body and how those foods and products can benefit her as an athlete and as a woman. 

During COVID lockdowns, with the extra time available to her, Thorisdottir dove into researching supplementation, and devoted herself to self-education on the subject. In working with Dr. Stacy Sims, a Momentous scientific advisor and female physiology expert, she gained vast knowledge about her body systems and what products she could safely consume to feel her best and perform at the highest level. 

  • “When it comes to supplementation, I’m a person who takes quite a lot of supplements. With the amount of thought that goes into the food that I eat, I think it also matters to think about what supplements you take.” 
  • “I’ve always thought about this, but especially when I became pregnant with Freya. I wondered, what’s safe to take, what should I be taking,” said Thorisdottir. 

In the midst of her journey to find the highest quality supplements, Thorisdottir found Momentous. She was struck with the amount of data provided for each of their products and the care that they showed for their consumers. It was Thorisdottir that reached out to the brand, looking to build a potential relationship, which led to the brand signing Thorisdottir as their newest athlete. 

  • “I’ve been without a supplement company for over a year now, and I’ve been using Momentous. I’m privileged that I can be picky and I told (my manager) that I would work with Momentous or I would work with no one,” said Thorisdottir. 

What they’re saying: Momentous CEO Jeff Byers is equally excited about the partnership that Momentous and Thorisdottir has built and will continue to develop. 

  • “When you think of ‘high performance’ it’s synonymous with everything Annie Thorisdottir stands for. Annie is a champion and one of the most decorated and accomplished athletes in CrossFit, but on top of that, she takes her priorities as a parent just as seriously. Her ability to balance her career and family while being a high achiever is a representation of our ethos at Momentous. We’re beyond thrilled to partner with Annie and have her be an extension of our brand,” said Byers. 

The big picture: Momentous is breaking into the sport of fitness in a big way, having just announced their partnership with and sponsorship of Invictus athletes for the 2023 CrossFit Games, and now with their signing of Thorisdottir, they are quickly becoming the most trusted name in supplementation for CrossFit athletes of all calibers. 

Momentous is helping to innovate the supplement space with their scientific research, meticulous design and product development. These are key components that drew Thorisdottir to the brand.

  • “They’re not just making products, but they’re doing so much research before every product comes out and every ingredient that is in there, is there for a reason. Here is someone that is trying to do something for the consumer.” 
  • “They’re making it easier for consumers, trying to help us understand, with information on how to take (the products) and when. They’re working with the best of the best, and they have a team of researchers behind everything. There’s education behind it all,” said Thorisdottir. 

Indeed there is. The brand’s emphasis on education was a significant factor for Thorisdottir in choosing to partner with Momentous. 

  • “I want to educate people, I know there are other products out there that are clean and good, there are other brands that just want to sell as much as possible, they make products a certain way to sell more, they’re not necessarily thinking about the consumer. I want to help educate people as to why they should be taking these products, when they should be taking these specific products and what are the benefits of it.”
  • “We won’t continue doing something unless we understand the reason for it. We can start a trend, and we can start a diet, we can start all these different things, we can start exercising, but if we don’t understand the reason why we’re doing these different things, odds are we’re going to quit. We’re going to give up on it,” said Thorisdottir. 

As Thorisdottir prepares for Madison this year, she’s comforted to have Momentous in her corner. The ease of having found a company that shares her values and passions fuels her drive as an athlete, business owner and mother. She looks to a long-term future with Momentous.

Thorisdottir: “I believe so strongly in what they are doing and… I’m just so excited about it…I will be working with them, alongside them long after I finish competing.”

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