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See who qualified for the 2023 CrossFit Games this weekend

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The first two Semifinals of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit season have wrapped up
  • Who qualified from North America East?
  • Who qualified from Africa?
  • Catch up on all the details below

The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games North America East Semifinal in Orlando, Florida has concluded after a weekend of surprising finishes and intense competition. The top 11 women, 12 men, and 10 teams will make their way to Madison this summer. Full details on that are included below.

How to catch up: 

  • Jeffrey Adler came out on top in a stacked field.
  • Emma Cary takes first place on the women’s side after a hard-fought weekend.
  • Women from Brute Strength training camp showed up.
  • Want to nerd out? We got you, here are 10 stats from event 6 at North America East Semifinal.
  • Here are 12 more from event 7.
  • Something about the number seven and Feeroozeh Saghafi.
  • Here’s a recap on how the teams Semifinal went.

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The competition has concluded, but here are the top 10 individual athletes and the top 10 teams.

  1. Jeffrey Adler – 613 | Emma Cary – 607 | CrossFit East Nashville PRVN – 573
  2. Jayson Hopper – 598 | Danielle Brandon – 601 | CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy 247 – 549
  3. Dallin Pepper – 586 | Amanda Barnhart – 577 | AB CrossFit – Mayhem – 513
  4. Roman Khrennikov – 575 | Emma Lawson – 575 | CrossFit Mayhem Independence – 489
  5. Samuel Cournoyer – 538 | Alexis Raptis – 564 | CrossFit Krypton — 486
  6. Will Moorad – 535 | Paige Powers – 557 | CrossFit CLT The Grit Haus – 486
  7. Noah Ohlsen – 521 | Sydney Wells – 409 | CrossFit OBA – 471
  8. Luke Parker – 513 | Feeroozeh Saghafi — 398 | TTT CrossFit Black– 450
  9. Alex Vigneault – 507 | Shelby Neal —397 | CrossFit PSC Invasion – 450
  10. Jack Farlow – 477 | Caroline Stanley—395 | Crossfit Milford Team Conquer – 402

Full leaderboard


The REBEL Renegade Games, an official 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Semifinal in Johannesburg, South Africa has concluded, sending only the first place woman, man, and team to Madison. Full details on that are included below.

How to catch up:

Resources to stay up to date:


Only the first place man, woman, and team will go to the Games in August, but here are the top 10 athletes and teams.  Games qualifiers in bold.

  1. Jason Smith – 596 | Michelle Basnett – 613 | CrossFit FBDV Mayhem Africa – 580
  2. Conrad Winnertz – 500 | Mariska Smit – 596 | Cape CrossFit Wolfpack – 555
  3. Ruan Potgieter – 497 | Gilmari Reyneke – 580 | CrossFit 10 Star Hybrids/CrossFit Tijger Valley Synergy – 530 (tied)
  4. Darren Zurnamer – 482 | Christina Livaditakis – 570 |
  5. Josh Kernot – 475 | Tanha Bouffe – 507 | CrossFit Juggernaut Unstoppable – 490
  6. Daniel Griesel – 474 | Gemma Rader – 497 | Pack Life CrossFit Wanderers – 380
  7. James Van Dongen – 466 | Emma Olley – 492 | Cape CrossFit Werewolves – 335
  8. Justin Holliday – 433 | Megan Joy McDermott – 418 | Motley Crew CrossFit Red – 330
  9. Dutoit Botha – 418 | Megan Faul – 411 | CrossFit Zulu  – 325
  10. Assem Effat – 413 | Alicia Stoop – 408 | CrossFit 111 Relentess – 320

Full leaderboard

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1 – A 1-second faster run on event 5 would have allowed Brooke Wells to qualify for the CrossFit Games

3 – 3 total athletes earned more than 600 points (Cary, Brandon, Adler)

3 – Anikha Greer and Jordan Szewc missed out on qualifying for the Games by just 3 points each

10 – Jeffrey Adler, Emma Cary, Dallin Pepper finished all events inside top 10

12 – Women’s 8th to 11th was separated by only 12 points

36 – The percentage of women who qualified for the Games named Emma or Paige.


Credit: Ava Kitzi

  Jeffrey Adler Takes First in a Stacked Field at the North America East Semifinal  

Jeffrey Adler Takes First in a Stacked Field at the North America East Semifinal

The final day at the men’s North America East Semifinal featured two tests and eight movements that would determine the final 12 qualifiers for the 2023 CrossFit Games. The competition field included several Games veterans, along with up-and-coming talent that made every point matter on the final day of competition.

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  Emma Cary Becomes Queen of North America East After Hard-Fought Final Event Battle with Danielle Brandon  

Emma Cary Becomes Queen of North America East After Hard-Fought Final Event Battle with Danielle Brandon

Leaderboard watching on the women’s side on Day Three at the North America East Semifinal kept all athletes and onlookers on their toes. And ultimately it came down to seconds to determine both the champion, and the three final athletes to earn invites to this summer’s 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

When the chips fell, it was Emma Cary who edged out Danielle Brandon—both of whom train with Brute Strength Training in Naples, FL— for the title, snagging her first event win of the weekend on the final event.

Meanwhile, on the bubble, it was Shelby Neal and Caroline Stanley (both rookies) and Paige Semenza who did just enough to claim their invites.

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  Jason Smith Wins REBEL Renegade Games, Punches Ticket to Madison  

Jason Smith Wins REBEL Renegade Games, Punches Ticket to Madison

The REBEL Renegade Games came to a close on Sunday with two final events in Johannesburg, South Africa. There were multiple male athletes with a realistic opportunity to take the single qualifying spot for the NOBULL CrossFit Games, but none could take down veteran competitor Jason Smith.

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  Michelle Basnett Seals the Deal in South Africa, Snags Single Spot to Madison  

Michelle Basnett Seals the Deal in South Africa, Snags Single Spot to Madison

After hovering in and around the top of the leaderboard all weekend, but never sitting in first, 26-year-old Michelle Basnett finished her weekend at the REBEL Renegade Games in Johannesburg, South Africa with back-to-back event wins to put herself exactly where she needed to be—on top—thus snagging the single Games invite available to the African Semifinal athletes.

Remind me: This will be Basnett’s second trip to the CrossFIt Games. She won the Fittest in Cape Town Semifinal in 2021, and went on to place 32nd at the Games that summer. Last year, the South African-born but American-raised Basnett, finished third at the same competition, failing to qualify to her second consecutive Games.

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  2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Week One Semifinal Team Recap: North America East and Africa  

2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Week One Semifinal Team Recap: North America East and Africa

The first weekend of team competition has come to a close and ten teams in North America East and one team in Africa have all punched the first tickets this season to the 2023 CrossFit Games.

North America East:

While the competition was fierce for the podium positions, the story still remained on the edge of the bubble. With an unprecedented number of qualifying spots up for grabs, the final line-up of the top ten teams continued to shift all the way to the last second of the final heat of the weekend.

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