Kids can be a handful. Spilt milk, temper tantrums, more energy than a can of red bull. But they’re also great. And you know what else is great? CrossFit. In the spirit of greatness, we put together a list of 11 CrossFit kids who are under the age of 12…and probably fitter than you.

1. Elle Hatamiya

Age: 12 years old

Gym: CrossFit Oakland and Endgame Athletics

Ready to feel like a squid? Try this stringing together ring push-ups into a 1 minute plank hold. Yep, that’s what Elle, an elite gymnast and CrossFit athlete, does for accessory work. Easy freakin’ peasy.

2. Enola

Age: 5 years old.

Gym: Northern Spirit CrossFit

Put away the resistance band, this 5 year old can do a pull-up on her own. But want to be seriously impressed? Check out her grade A deadlift form during 18.4. Yea, shits bananas.

3. Princess P

Age: 4 years old

Gym: Autumo CrossFit

4 year old Princess P’s biceps are probably bigger than yours. Games athletes, take note. This is how a peg board is done. With upper body strength like that, obviously she can also do a rope climb.

4. CrossFit Breaking North’s Core-Strength Champ

Age: Unknown

Gym: CrossFit Breaking North

No seat? No worries. He’ll L-sit.

5. Ky ky

Age: Unknown

Gym: Chagrin Falls CrossFit

Chalk is always mandatory, but shirts are always optional. Catch this little nugget practicing ring muscle up progressions. Her kip is as strong as she is fearless. This tater tot is probably under the age of 3, so she doesn’t have a gram (bless), but you can check out her box in hopes she’ll make another appearance.

6. Deadlift Queen of CrossFit Bauru

Age: Unknown

Gym: Crossfit Bauru

Also known as the Deadlift Queen of CrossFit Bauru, this chica knows that 18.4 was practically made for her. The key to crossing that last 50 foot marker? Tongues out, guns out. No social media for this hamstring boss, but the photographer has a knack for catching CrossFit kids crushing it.

7. Ava

Age: 2

Gym: One Asterisk CrossFit

While you’re spending two-hundred green ones on fancy lifters, this two-year-old sweetheart will be cranking out burpees in her fuzzy boots. Fashion points? You bet. (She’s 2, obviously she doesn’t have an IG, but her strong as hell Mama does).

8. The Only Person To Like The Assault Bike…Ever

Age: Unknown

Gym: CrossFit Turbine

There’s nothing like the feeling of the fan (before or) after a long WOD.  Long hair, don’t care. (Her box is full of baby meatheads, check out this one and this one).

9. The Fittest 22 Month In The World

Age: 22 months

Gym: Octane CrossFit

This truck lifts more at 22 months than we can snatch complex on the best day. His secret? He’ll never tell.

10. Ramona Margaret

Age: Unknown

Gym: CrossFit Martha’s Vineyard

Romper in the streets, onesie in the box. You heard it hear first. (Besides, what else would you wear to a burpee, sumo deadlift high pull, and air squat Metcon?).

11. Zane

Age: Unknown

Gym: The Main Line CrossFit

You know who didn’t wake up to be average today? Zane. Which is probably why his cleans look like this and our sometimes look like a monkey scratching his armpit.

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