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The Ergon Training System Wants You to Love the Erg Machines

Jun 5, 2019 by

Everyone has that one thing in the box they hate. For a lot of us, that’s an erg machine. You hop on, go full ham for thirty seconds, and congratulations…you completed two calories and you’ve redlined.

Quit that.

Green Mountain CrossFit owner Nick Petterssen teamed up with Jay Ericson for a solution. Ergon Training is a system dedicated to athlete success with the bike, row and ski.

“The Ergon Training System delivers a goal-based workout each and every time, priming our athletes to chase, catch and conquer. We evaluate each user with a single workout, and then use the power of decades of exercise science research to convert those workout results into valuable information that hides behind the scenes within the Ergon app.”

Hold up, it crunches my numbers?

Yep, the app does the mental work for you so all you have to do is hold on. “Once an athlete chooses their workout for the day, Ergon crunches their past performance numbers and offers very specific pacing targets,” reads their Kickstarter.

But it’s not just the pacing. There’s also loads on there about the machines and proper technique and form. And, the app is an extension of the monitor on every Concept2, called a PM5.

This allows you to program workouts into the machine and then save the results of those workouts to memory.

I need one now.

The Kickstarter campaign is running for about one more week. The company is hoping to launch the app in the fall.

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