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On the Brink of Independence, Mayhem has to Battle Boston First

June 29, 2019 by
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Mayhem Independence has had a long and difficult season. Now competing in their fourth Sanctional, the second Mayhem squad’s road to the Games started back in mid-January in Miami, FL. 

Their disappointing 8th place finish came as a surprise to many fans, but with the new season came new challenges like contending with super teams stacked with superstar Games athletes. 

This is now the fourth Sanctional they’ve competed in, though they were originally scheduled for five.

  1. Wodapalooza: 8th
  2. Rogue Invitational: 6th 
  3. Reykjavik CrossFit Championship: DQ (4th)
  4. CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown: Withdrew
  5. CrossFit French Throwdown: TBD

In each of those efforts, Independence has been just a tad behind a qualifying spot. Adding to that frustration came the news just a few weeks ago of Elly Kabboord’s positive drug test

“We’re working on the kinks just trying to get better as we go,” team captain Kristin Miller said. 

For the French Throwdown, Mayhem added individual qualifier Carolyn Prevost and Royce Dunn to their roster, a change that seems to be working, though Prevost said she plans to go individual regardless of the outcome. 

Battling Through Boston

Invictus Boston’s road back to the CrossFit Games hasn’t been all too dissimilar. They’ve competed in four Sanctionals each time again Mayhem Independence. The’ve also faced a recent drug sanction with caused Invictus X to lose their qualification at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Championship and switched up rosters.

Invictus Boston’s record over four Sanctionals:

  1. Wodapalooza: 9th
  2. Reykjavik CrossFit Championship: 2nd
  3. Rogue Invitational: 2nd
  4. French Throwdown: TBD

For both teams, this is the last chance to qualify this season. 

“Winning tomorrow would show that Invictus Boston is a persistent and solid team,” said Kels Kiel. “But winning tomorrow means our season ISN’T over and is just that much longer – which is the ultimate goal. I think we deserve to the chance to compete at the CrossFit Games. Winning means we get that chance.”

What you need to understand for Day 3

After two days of competition and seven scored events, the two teams are separated by only two points, and more than 100 points over third place. 

  1. Invictus Boston: 542 points
  2. Mayhem Independence: 540 points

Point spreads: A first place finish gets 100 points, second gets 90, third gets 80 and fourth gets 72. 

The two teams traded top finishes on Saturday, with Invictus taking 290 points for the day over Mayhem’s 242 points.

  • Invictus Boston: 1st, 2nd, and 1st.
  • Mayhem Independence: 4th, 3rd, and 2nd. 

This part is important: Will other teams finish in-between Boston and Mayhem? Both teams only combined for three events wins across seven events, which means other teams are competitive enough to create more space on the leaderboard. 

This point spread is critical for both teams to gain an edge. There’s a 28 points difference between first and fourth. Team ROMWOD Meat Squad (3rd overall), Team CRSC (4th overall) and Nova 3 MisFits 95th overall) all have the muscle to shake up the top spots so be looking for how this plays out. 

There are three scored events tomorrow. The final event is still unknown. 

Event 7

For time :
Female-Female Pair
100m Relay Handstand Walk
60 One Leg Squats
60 Box Jumps Over 50cm
Male-Male Pair
60 Box Jumps Over 60cm
60 One Leg Squats
100m Relay Handstand Walk
TC : 18′

Event 8

Male-Male Pair
7-7 / 6-6 / 5-5 / 4-4 / 3-3 / 2-2 / 1-1 Snatches
6 Minutes time cap
then Female-Female Pair EVENT 8B
7-7 / 6-6 / 5-5 / 4-4 / 3-3 / 2-2 / 1-1 Snatches
6 Minutes time cap
Male : 90kg
Female: 60kg

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