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Leblanc-Bazinet Likely Not Competing Next Season

September 4, 2019 by
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On the French Canadian podcast RDS En Form, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet told host Greg Lanctot that she doesn’t plan to compete in the upcoming 2019-2020 CrossFit Games season. 

Leblanc-Bazinet: “For now, I don’t have the intention to compete next year, but we will see,” Leblanc-Bazinet said. 

  • “It’s been 10 years straight that I’m competing at the Games, which I think I am the first woman achieving this mark. It’s a lot to take for my body. This year, I think my focus is much more on my new business, which is Feroce Fitness. Because after giving it all for so long in an individual sport, I miss helping people.”
  • “So that’s my goal this year, help people at home be in better shape and do things the right way in their training and nutrition. 

Stats: Over her career that’s spanned a decade she’s finished 2nd – Team (2019), 13th (2018), 39th (2017), 21st (2016), 13th (2015), 1st (2014), 16th (2013), 6th (2012), 8th (2011), and 9th (2010).

  • CLB is actually not the first female athlete to reach the 10-year mark. Becca Voigt earned that prestigious honor in 2017 when she qualified for her 10th in the Masters 35-39 division. She is currently on her 12th consecutive appearance.
  • She joined the CrossFit Krypton team with Alec Smith, Cody Mooney, and Jessica Griffith after Jamie Greene opted to compete as an individual. 
  • Going team was probably her best chance at making the Games this year as she finished 8604th in the Open last year and would have faced fierce competition on the Sanctional floor if she’d persued the individual route. Her 8604th finish would have been much higher had she not mailed in 19.5, logging only 1 rep.

The big picture: Ten years is a long time to compete in a sport as pain-inducing as CrossFit. It’s also not that lucrative unless athletes win and/or pivot their notoriety into business ventures. With the launch of Féroce Fitness, Leblanc-Bazinet has joined a number of athletes working hard to cash in while still on the competition floor and create opportunities for the future.

Now is probably the best time for her to step away. Running a company takes serious time and effort that can pull athletes away from training and recovery.

  • Margaux Alvarez repeatedly talked about this during harvest season. She owns and operates her own vineyard.
  • Jacob Heppner recently announced he stepped away from his day job after being stretched too thin with work, Games training and the launch of a new online program Midwest Made.

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