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What You Need to Know Going Into Day Five

July 30, 2021 by
Photo Credit: Athlete’s Eye
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​​Cuts have been made and just 30 athletes in each division will continue to compete, but not for long. After today’s first event, the field will shrink yet again to just 20 athletes to finish out the day.

One big thing: In a historic year of seven individual athlete withdrawals including Kari Pearce, Bethany Shadburne, Kara Saunders, Dani Speegle, Sean Sweeney, Sam Stewart, Adrian Mundwiler, only four men and four women were actually cut from the field.

Individual Men Cuts:

31: Colten Mertens (278 points)
32: Agustin Richelme (262 points)
33: Giorgos Karavis (248 points)
34: Rogelio Gamboa (242 points)

Individual Women Cuts:

31: Sasha Nievas (297 points)
32: Michelle Basnett (296 points)
33: Caroline Conners (234 points)
34: Seungyeon Choi (213 points)

The weather is forecasted to be a high of 82F (27C) and a low of 57F (13C) in Madison, WI. 

  • Follow our live blog to stay up to date with what’s going on around the arena. 
  • Here’s how to follow all the individual athletes through their social media accounts.
  • Last but not least, if you’re in Madison, here are all the activities to get involved inside and outside the arena. 

Team Leaderboard, End of Day Two

  1. Justin Medeiros (744) | Tia-Clair Toomey (861)
  2. Brent Fikowski (723)  Laura Horvath (723) 
  3. Patrick Vellner (674) | Kristin Holte (684)
  4. Saxon Panchik (644) | Amanda Barnhart (678)
  5. Alex Vigneault (624) | Brooke Wells (660)
  6. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson (620) | Haley Adams (658)
  7. Jonne Koski (619) |Kristi Eramo-O’Connell  (633)
  8. Guilherme Malheiros (603) | Annie Thorisdottir (626)
  9. Royce Dunne (547) | Gabriella Migala (606)
  10. Travis Mayer (545) | Mallory O’Brien (563)

Team Leaderboard, End of Day Two

  1. CrossFit Mayhem (691)
  2. CrossFit Urban Energy (568)
  3. Plus64 CrossFit (553) 
  4. CrossFit Nordic (541) 
  5. CrossFit Oslo (521)
  6. CrossFit Genas (502)
  7.  CrossFit Pro1 (489) 
  8. CrossFit Surbiton (481)
  9. CrossFit Resurrection (475)
  10. CrossFit Reignited ILM (435)

Speed Reads: A few stories that came out yesterday to get you up to speed. 

  • Historic number of athletes withdraw: Seven athletes between the individual divisions have withdrawn from the CrossFit Games due to testing positive for COVID-19, suffering from a medical condition or facing an injury. It’s been unfortunate to see this many athletes cut from the field not because of their performance.
  • Four athletes who took advantage of 28 minutes: With cuts taking effect at the end of yesterday’s final event, athletes needed to capitalize on a total of 400 points between four events. Justin Medeiros, Guilherme Malheiros, Brooke Wells, and Amanda Barnhart all took advantage and set themselves in solid positions going into the weekend.
  • Reebok Bonus Program Exploding: According to our count, a whopping $86,000 was awarded to athletes on Friday alone from those who podiumed wearing a pair of Reebok’s. Keep your eye on athletes shoes as they cross the finish line and I’m sure that grand total will keep ticking up.
  • After she failed to qualify for the Games through the Granite Games Semifinal, it didn’t look like Kristi Eramo-O’Connell would be in Madison until the Last Chance Qualifier gave her the golden ticket. But after two days of competition and nine events completed, she sits in 7th place, within striking distance of the podium, heading into Saturday.
  • CrossFit Mayhem Freedom may not train with a Bob at the barn, but that doesn’t stop them from dominating when it shows up in Events at the Games. While they don’t regularly train with a Bob, they have dabbled with it at past Games and faired well.
  • The Games are back in Madison: If you weren’t lucky enough to be here to watch the CrossFit Games in person (sad face), we’re walking you through what the atmosphere has been like on the grounds so far. Celebrity athlete sightings, your favorite athletic clothing brands and a roaring crowd in the electric North Park and Coliseum, the experience is only getting better as we head into the weekend.
  • Roman Khrennikov “virtually” takes third in Event 4: Okay, so we know Khrennikov couldn’t make it to the states after the ongoing fight to get a visa which was ultimately unsuccessful…but…if he were here, it looks like he could have taken third in Event 4. His post on Instagram shows a few highlight pictures after he tackles the event and puts up a time of 15 minutes placing him third on the leaderboard.
  • Proposal at North Park: The finish line is typically filled with sweaty drained bodies as athletes throw themselves on the ground in exhaustion after each Event. But as the Teams pealed themselves off the turf, former teen Games athlete, Dylan Kade, walked onto the turf, took a knee, and popped the question to his girlfriend, Mia. This time last year, Kade was on life support in an ICU as his brain and spinal cord were under siege from a spectacularly rare form of Encephalitis. That’s when he knew he had to spend the rest of his life with Mia. Don’t worry, she said YES!
  • Annie Thorisdottir teams up with Yerbae, a caffeinated sparkling water beverage.

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