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2022 Team Quarterfinals: Cutlines, Eligibility, and Important Dates

April 5, 2022 by
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The Individual Quarterfinal competition stirred up its fair share of discussions in the online CrossFit community. While the leaderboard remains in disarray, we turn our attention to the Team competition beginning this week.

Note: This article is referencing Team Quarterfinals only. News regarding Individual Quarterfinals is detailed separately. We will release more information regarding Age-Group Quarterfinals as it becomes clear.

Which teams advance to Quarterfinals?

According to the CrossFit Games Rulebook, the top 25% is “based on the number of athletes registered per continent as of the close of 22.1.”

How were Open scores determined for teams? During the Open, designated team managers had until the close of 22.1 to create team rosters with any number of eligible athletes as outlined in the Rulebook. For each workout, the top two men’s and top two women’s performances posted by roster members are added together for one aggregate score. This is why you will see scores from individual athletes such as Saxon Panchik, Brooke Wells, Tia Toomey, Dani Speegle, and Katrin Davidsdottír contributing to an affiliate’s team score, even though you may not see those athletes on the team roster for the CrossFit Games.

Team invitations have been sent as follows:

2022 CrossFit Games Team Quarterfinals Cutlines | Photo Credit: CrossFit Games

Team Quarterfinal Rosters

When registering for Quarterfinals, team managers must select two men and two women from their Open roster to contribute to the team Quarterfinal score. Athletes competing in Individual or Age-Group Quarterfinals are also eligible to be one of these designated team members.

As explained in the invitation emails sent out by CrossFit, “Once competition begins, the two men and two women who begin the competition will comprise the team” through the entirety of Quarterfinals.

  • “Alternates may NOT be substituted in the competition once the competition begins (for any reason). Should a member of the team be injured or need to leave the team over the course of the competition, teams may not use their alternates to fill in.”

Important Dates 🗓

  • March 28 – April 8: Team Registration open
  • April 4: Floor plans released
  • April 7: All workout details released
  • April 8: Submission deadline for Result 1 and 2 (12 p.m. PT)
  • April 9: Submission deadline for Result 3 and 4 (12 p.m. PT)
  • April 10: Submission deadline for Final Result (12 p.m. PT)
    • As stated in the Official invitation email from CrossFit, “After the close of competition, the leaderboard will remain unofficial until the conclusion of the review process. The CrossFit Games team will publicly announce when the results are final.” This supersedes the date of April 15 listed in the Rulebook.
  • April 28: Semifinal acceptance deadline (via Rulebook p.22)

Equipment List

Teams are expected to have the following equipment prepared in order to complete workouts:

  • All listed Open equipment
  • 30 ft (9.14m) of flat space suitable for movements covering distance
  • 15 ft (4.57m) climbing rope
  • 2 dumbbells of: 70, 50, 35 pounds
  • Gymnastics rings

How does it work?

Official invitation emails have been sent to teams that qualified for the Quarterfinals stage of competition. Any questions regarding invitations should be sent to [email protected].

All event details will be released on Thursday, April 7 at Noon PT, at which point teams of 4 are able to complete the workouts and submit their videos and scores on their CrossFit Games account. Workouts can be completed in any order as long as scores for each workout are submitted before their corresponding deadline.

  • First scoring window closes Friday, April 8 at Noon PT.
  • Second scoring window closes Saturday, April 9 at Noon PT.
  • Final scores must be submitted by Sunday, April 10 at Noon PT.
Photo Credit: CrossFit LLC

What have we learned from the Individuals?

All teams must use a registered judge that has completed the 2022 CrossFit Judge’s course. It is expected that registered judges will read the scorecard in entirety, and uphold the workout’s standards as defined.

Layouts must match the requirements defined in the floor plans, and the standards listed on the scorecard or your score is at risk of being invalidated. For example, time clocks must be visible and counting up, links and markings must be clear and measured; be sure to read these guidelines prior to recording your video.

  • CrossFit recommends selecting a designated “media rep” to start and stop your video, help your team ensure all requirements are met for proper set up and performance, and upload the video properly once complete.

The CrossFit Games Rulebook recommends that any team competing for a top leaderboard position should videotape all their workouts, as the top teams “on each respective continental leaderboard will be required to submit videos for review, (p.18).”

  • “Submitting a video for review is required with the score submission if a team qualifies to compete at Semifinals.”

Teams are encouraged to submit workout scores as far ahead of the deadline as possible, as video uploads may take several hours.

  • Take a screenshot of the confirmation that your score has been submitted. Once your score is submitted and received, upload the corresponding video as proof of your score. Prepare for video upload to take several hours and factor this in prior to the submission deadline.
  • Morning Chalk Up recommends taking a screenshot of all validations shown on the team’s dashboard for record.

Age-Group Divisions

Morning Chalk Up will release more information regarding Age-Group Quarterfinals in the week to come. In the past, the Age Group Online Qualifier led directly to the CrossFit Games. This year, the format has changed to mirror the Individual competition with Age-Group Quarterfinals leading into a virtual Age-Group Semifinal.

Remind me: Qualified athletes are eligible to compete in all three Quarterfinals competitions (Individual, Team, Age-Groups). However, athletes may only compete in one division during the Semifinal phase of competition.

What’s next?

Once the Quarterfinals leaderboard is finalized, the top teams in each region will be invited to compete in one of ten Semifinal competitions hosted across the globe. Each Semifinal will host 20 teams alongside the 30 Individual competitors.

Continental Region# of Semifinal Competitions in that Region# of Teams in Each Division
North America480
South America120
Team Semifinal Cutlines by Continental Region

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