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Research Study

The CrossFit Games Broadcast: An Academic Perspective


Decade-Long British Study Says, For Best Results, Sleep Could be as Important as Exercise


COVID Impact on Morning Chalk Up Readers Fitness Routines Published in Academic Study


CrossFit Diet and Supplement Practices Get Deep Dive in Published Paper

Harnessing Self-Determination Theory to Become a Better Coach

Research Review: CrossFit, Exercise Addiction, Body Dysmorphia, and Anxiety

There is Nothing Ancestral about Eating Raw Meat

Do Fit People Drink More Alcohol?

Michael Jordan’s Space Jam ‘Secret Stuff’ and the Power of the Placebo Effect

In Sports There’s No Such Thing as Luck: How Top Athletes Lay a Foundation Years Before Success

Why You Really Should be Taking Creatine

What We Can Learn from The Biggest Loser

CBD Before Nine Hours a Night: Do you Sleep like a CrossFit Games Athlete?

The Hardest Fitness Test on the Planet, and How SmO2, NIRS Wearables Could Inform Training of the Future

What’s the Deal with Tryptophan?

Is Social Media Killing Your Gains?

Should CrossFit Athletes Increase Protein after Training? New Study Says ‘Yes.’

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