7 Stunning CrossFit Transformations

June 28, 2017 by
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This is all the #TransformationThursday inspiration you need to believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard for it.

1. Emily Bridgers

“This is for anyone who thinks they can’t change their life… it didn’t happen over night. There was no magic pill. It took consistency and hard work.”

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2. Candice Wagner

“The picture on the left was taken during the 2010 South Central regionals. This was just after getting out of the Marine Corps when I thought I was in excellent shape and at the time, when my body fat percentage was around 20%. I was still struggling with an eating disorder and before CF, I would drag myself into gyms to counter my disorder and did not enjoy working out at all. It felt like a chore and I stressed about it all day until I completed a workout.”

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3. Alexis Johnson

“The picture on the left (~88 lbs) represents 3 miserable years of my life- a time that I spent every hour of every day obsessing over food. A time where I deleted almost every picture of myself because I hated how skinny I was. I would choose to stay home over doing things that I loved because I wasn’t eating enough to have the energy, or I wouldn’t be in control over what I ate.”

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4. Lauren Fisher

“Before: 15 Years Old 110lbs. After: 19 Years Old 135lbs. This was before I really started getting competitive in @crossfit and only went to class three times a week only for one hour!”

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5. Kara Webb

“19 and killing life with my Smirnoff double black. It wasn’t too long after this that I found @crossfit and life took a pretty cool turn. Today marks 6 years since I signed up and officially started #CrossFit in my local affiliate.”

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6. Lindsey Valenzuela

“So this was last year at this time. No I wasn’t pregnant in these videos, I was 4 weeks post after having our little man and the first thing I said to myself was ” dang I have come a long way athletically and in appearance ?!” I repost this to let women know it’s possible, to not lose hope, and to understand with smart hard work you can get back to where you want and honestly even better!!!!”

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7. Carly Fuhrer

“Well here’s a throwback… ? #pretraps #presidepony”

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BONUS: Lucas Parker

“Here’s a faaaaabulous flashback to the 2011 #CrossFitGames #CanadaWest Regional.”

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