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CrossFit Releases Quarterfinals Format and Important Deadlines

April 2, 2021 by
Photo Credit: CrossFit LLC
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The 2021 CrossFit Open has come to a close, and athletes around the world are preparing for the next step — Quarterfinals. The online competition will run from April 8-11 and will whittle down the list of competitors to 300 worldwide ahead of the Semifinals. CrossFit Director of Competition Adrian Bozman has now provided the format, showing how the Quarterfinals will unfold. 

One big thing: The Quarterfinals will feature a “series of advanced events” that start on Thursday and run through the weekend. Individual registration for Quarterfinals will go live on Monday, April 5. Qualifying athletes will receive their invitations via email and will only have three days to register before the first events. 

  • The CrossFit Games will release the floor plans on Monday detailing how the athletes must set up their respective workout spaces for the online competition. This method is similar to what CrossFit used during Stage One of the 2020 Games. 
  • Athletes attempting to reach Semifinals are required to submit videos of their workouts along with their results. Those that just want to treat the Quarterfinals like the Open can either complete the workouts at an affiliate with a registered judge or submit a video for validation. 

An unknown challenge: CrossFit’s email did not specify the exact number of events that the athletes must complete during the Quarterfinal stage. The guidelines mention two results from Thursday, two from Friday, but do not list a number for Saturday.  

  • “All event details will be released by the start of competition on Thursday, April 8, at 12 PM PT,” the guidelines state.
  • Athletes must submit their first two results by Friday, April 9, at 12 PM PT. The next two results must be in by Saturday, April 10, at 12 PM PT. 
  • Athletes must submit their final results by the close of the competition on Sunday, April 11, at 12 PM PT.

Leaderboard tracking: CrossFit fans and analysts alike enjoy tracking the top athletes throughout every stage of the season, whether it is the Open or the Games. CrossFit will not unveil any of the scores to the public until each submission deadline. The Thursday scores will not be available until Friday, the Friday scores will not be available until Saturday, and the final results will not be available until the close of the Quarterfinals. 

  • The top 120 athletes in North America will advance to the Semifinals. 
  • The Top 60 athletes in Europe will advance.
  • The top 30 athletes in Oceania, Asia, Africa, and South America will advance (120 total).

Notable takeaways: While the Open was inclusive and featured several options for a variety of competitors, Quarterfinals will be much different. The quick turnaround between the workout announcements and submission deadlines will potentially cause problems for multiple athletes.

  • Athletes with full-time jobs will have to carefully plan out their days in order to complete every workout and submit them before the cutoff. They may have to work around existing schedules and do the workouts after a shift or early the following day.
  • International athletes will face a different issue with the timeline. 12 PM PT will be 8 PM in London, 10 PM in Moscow, and 5 AM in Brisbane. The athletes should still be able to fit in their workouts in the given time, but they will have to make similar adjustments to their schedules.   

Bottom line: The Quarterfinals will play an important role in determining which 300 athletes reach the Semifinals. Athletes with the goal of reaching the next stage of the season will have to make some adjustments while dealing with some unknown factors, such as the number of workouts. However, they will receive some clarification on Thursday, April 8, when CrossFit reveals the workouts, providing the opportunity to game plan. 

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