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Medieros Lead Cut Heading into Final Day

Morning Chalk Up

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Happy Sunday Morning Chalk Up readers! It’s the final day of the CrossFit Games. Just three events are left to determine who will take home the title: Fittest Man and Women on Earth.

In today’s edition:

  • What you need to know going into day six.
  • Workouts, schedule and how to watch.
  • Line by line recaps from individual events.
  • Key takeaways from the competition.
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  What You Need to Know Going Into Day Six 

What You Need to Know Going Into Day Six

It’s the final day of competition and more cuts have been made. 20 men, 20 women, and 20 teams will start the day, however, teams will then be cut to ten while all individuals will finish out the day.

One big thing: For the first time in five years, we will see a new man stand on top of the podium and be crowned Fittest on Earth. As for the women, it’s very likely we will see today’s champion tie in gold medals with Mat Fraser and become the five-time Fittest Woman on Earth.

Individual Men Cuts:

  1. Chandler Smith
  2. Jay Crouch
  3. Samuel Cournoyer
  4. Alexandre Caron
  5. Uldis Upenieks
  6. Jason Smith
  7. Brandon Luckett
  8. Tim Paulson
  9. Luka Dukic
  10. Zach Watts

Individual Women Cuts:

  1. Samantha Briggs
  2. Alessandra Pichelli
  3. Mekenzie Riley
  4. Laura Clifton
  5. Sydney Michalyshen
  6. Ellie Turner
  7. Carolyne Prevost
  8. Jessica Griffith
  9. Emilia Leppanen
  10. Regan Huckaby

The weather is forecasted to be a high of 75F (23C) and a low of 57F (13C) in Madison, WI.

  • Follow our live blog to stay up to date with what’s going on around the arena.
  • Here’s how to follow all the individual athletes through their social media accounts.
  • Last but not least, if you’re in Madison, here are all the activities to get involved inside and outside the arena.

Individual Leaderboard, End of Day Three

  1. Justin Medeiros (949) | Tia-Clair Toomey (1145)
  2. Patrick Vellner (907)  Laura Horvath (939)
  3. Brent Fikowski (888) | Kristin Holte (834)
  4. Saxon Panchik (801) | Annie Thorisdottir (824)
  5. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson (799) | Haley Adams (810)
  6. Guilherme Malheiros (788) | Kristi Eramo-O’Connell (804)
  7. Alex Vigneault (782) | Gabriella Migala  (802)
  8. Jonne Koski (770) |Brooke Wells  (792)
  9. Lazar Dukic (747) | Amanda Barnhart (776)
  10. Royce Dunne  (694) | Danielle Brandon (762)

Team Leaderboard, End of Day Three

  1. CrossFit Mayhem (947)
  2. CrossFit Oslo (773)
  3. CrossFit Surbiton (725)
  4. Plus64 CrossFit (703)
  5. CrossFit Genas (682)
  6. CrossFit Pro1 (677)
  7. CrossFit Urban Energy (672)
  8. CrossFit Resurrection (668)
  9. CrossFit Nordic (614)
  10. CrossFit I1uvit (567)

Speed Reads: A few stories that came out yesterday to get you up to speed.

  • Brooke Wells has been medically withdrawn from the competition after injuring her elbow on a 190 pound/86kg snatch in Event 12.
  • Cut line heroes: Cuts have been a bit controversial whether we should have them or not, nonetheless, athletes must adapt and learn how to stay above the line, or watch their Games season end. The first event on Saturday determined who would be cut immediately after, and two notable athletes were able to sneak in the mix.
  • Comparing athlete data from 2019 Split Triplet to 2021 Individual Event 11.
  • 2021 Snatch vs 2019 Clean format analysis.
  • Athletes set incredible paces on the 5k run: Event 10 combined toes to bar with running and boy did these athletes take off. Most notable was eight athletes between the men and women individual divisions that broke 6:30 minute miles.
  • Rookie Lazar Đukić surges into the top ten: Lazar is someone you do not want to overlook. His first and second place finish on Saturday placed him in 9th place overall headed into the final day of competition.
  • Annie Thorisdottir is back: There’s something refreshing about seeing Thorisdottir on the field again at the Games, but it’s also a bit super-human. Just about a year ago, she gave birth to daughter Freyja, and then returns to the Games taking several top-ten finishes. But for her, this week isn’t about winning, instead, proving to other mothers that they too can make a comeback.
  • Fraser’s wisdom helping Medeiros: After taking third at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge, Justin Medeiros headed to Mat Fraser’s house to put in extra work and do some fine-tuning before heading to Madison. At the close of Friday’s events, he walked away with the leader’s jersey…something he said he owes to his mindset and being able to “embrace the suck,” a mantra he adopted from the champion himself.
  • Mayhem wides the gap in the team division: While Mayhem remained the one constant on the leaderboard, the rest of the teams were shuffled around throughout the course of day three of the team competition. However, Mayhem ended Saturday with a 174 lead ahead of second place team, CrossFit Oslo, bringing them that much closer to another top podium finish.

Three Videos Worth Watching:

SPONSORED image001-2-100.61512970452xauto@2x
How Does Training Change When You're a Team?

How Does Training Change When You're a Team?

Rich Froning and the Mayhem Team are making Games history in Madison with six wins and 947 points from the first ten events.

  • Practice makes podiums: Winning the Games comes down to tiny details in practice when no-one is looking. And, despite often training together, Mayhem’s team workouts can look very different from the workouts of individual athletes like Haley Adams.

Check out Rich and Haley discussing how their training differs and why it works best for them.

Want to perform in training like the Mayhem team? Take a look at the gear that has them sat on top of the podium heading into the final day.

  What You Need to Know Going Into Day Six 

Workouts, Schedule and How to Watch

Sunday’s schedule of events: Below is the broadcast schedule. You can watch all of today’s events live as well as on the CrossFit Games’ YouTube and Facebook page.

  • Event 13: 7:50 AM PT/3:50 PM GMT
  • Event 14: 10:00 AM PT/6:00 PM GMT
  • Event 15: 11:40 AM PT/7:40 PM GMT

Want to see the schedule in your local time zone? Our schedule will automatically update to where you are on, or on our iOS or Android app. 

Sunday’s Events: Individual

Event 13 (North Park)

  • TBD

Event 14 (Coliseum)

  • TBD

Event 15 (Coliseum)

  • TBD

Here’s a daily schedule for Teams.

  2021 CrossFit Games Individual Day Three Recap, Line-By-Line 

2021 CrossFit Games Individual Day Three Recap, Line-By-Line

Day three of the 2021 individual competition at the CrossFit Games opened with only 30 athletes in each division, but that number would be cut to 20 after event ten, the first event of the morning. After five grueling events on Friday, the fittest athletes on earth tackled three more today, including a test of running and gymnastics, and then, a one-rep max snatch. As the sun set, Toomey extended her lead, while on the men’s side, the leaderboard remained volatile, as Medeiros hung on to the top spot. Here’s how it all played out.

Leaderboard, End of Day Three

  1. Justin Medeiros (949) | Tia-Clair Toomey (1145)
  2. Patrick Vellner (907)  Laura Horvath (939)
  3. Brent Fikowski (888) | Kristin Holte (834)
  4. Saxon Panchik (801) | Annie Thorisdottir (824)
  5. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson (799) | Haley Adams (810)
  6. Guilherme Malheiros (788) | Kristi Eramo-O’Connell (804)
  7. Alex Vigneault (782) | Gabriella Migala  (802)
  8.  Jonne Koski (770) |Brooke Wells  (792)
  9. Lazar Dukic (747) | Amanda Barnhart (776)
  10. Royce Dunne  (694) | Danielle Brandon (762)
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  Three Takeaways From Day 5 of the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games 

Three Takeaways From Day 5 of the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games

Day 5 came to a close in the Alliant Energy Center Coliseum on Saturday night and in its wake, a buzz was still in the air from fans of the NOBULL CrossFit Games who were there to witness all the action. Here are three takeaways from the full day.

  1. The magic of the Coliseum: I’ve never got to witness the action at the Tennis Stadium when the Games were held at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA but I heard many great things from the athletes who competed and performed under the lights. What I have been able to bear witness to is the action inside the Coliseum every year since 2017. I’m hard-pressed to think that the Tennis Stadium could be more electric than the energy that flows through the crowd to the athletes.

    Whether it was Mathew Fraser wowing the crowd with his max clean at the 2019 Games or on Saturday night when Annie Thorisdottir not only put on a show for the crowd but for herself. Her performance in the max snatch event will go down in history of the sport. Exactly a year after giving birth to her daughter she showed the world that she’s still a force to be reckoned with and those in attendance got to witness that firsthand. If I were you I would start inquiring about Coliseum tickets now for the 2022 Games.

  2. Not giving in to the Mayhem: It’s a foregone conclusion that unless CrossFit mayhem Freedom just forgets to set their alarm, oversleep and miss Sunday’s events, that they will win their fifth Affiliate Cup. They have a 173 point lead with three events left to go on Sunday. However, on Saturday, they showed some cracks in the armor as they actually won just one event and had their two worst finishes of the competition, placing fifth in Team Event 8 and then sixth in Team Event 10. This, after winning the first five events of the Games.

    Teams are showing they aren’t going down without a fight but none more than CrossFit Oslo who is in position to become the first-ever European team to finish on the podium. They sit in second place on the overall leaderboard and have won two events. As the team division evolves once again back to the affiliate model, expect to see that gap close a little bit more, but I wouldn’t bet against Mayhem and Rich Froning anytime soon.

  3. Thoughts and prayers to Brooke Wells: I would be remiss if we at the Morning Chalk Up didn’t send our thoughts and well wishes to Brooke. Her injury on the competition floor was gruesome and heartbreaking. Sometimes we get too caught up in how strong and amazing these athletes are but the truth is that they aren’t superhuman. So to see that happen on this stage was rough for everyone to see.

    It was hard for her family, friends, coaches and support staff to watch. Her PRVN teammate and friend Tia-Clair Toomey dedicated her win in the snatch event to her and passed along to us that she’s resting and surrounded by family. One of the amazing things about the CrossFit community is our ability to rally around people and help them through tough times. We can do that for Brooke and we hope to see her healthy and smiling on the competition floor soon.



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12/3 - 12/4: Torino Challenge (Moncalieri (TO), Italy)
12/3: Reindeer Rumble (Ocala, FL)
12/9 - 12/11: Fall Series Throwdown (Desio, Italy)
12/17: The Midwest Championship (Warrensburg, MO)
1/15 - 1/31: Athens Throwdown Qualifiers (Athens, Greece)
1/21 - 1/22: Modena Challenge: Beginner and Master (Modena, Italy)

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