CrossFit Games

Jan 16, 2020 by

Second Sanctionals Season Expands Wildcard Uses

What started as a ready-made way to allow top CrossFit Games athletes a chance to bypass regular online


Jan 13, 2020 by

Like and Subscribe: Athletes Earn Cash on YouTube

Gone are the days of CrossFit athletes waiting around for elusive sponsorship deals to fund their careers.


Jan 12, 2020 by

CrossFit Community Raises $100K for Australian Fires

The Australian CrossFit community has raised nearly $100,000 to help support the country’s unrelenting


Jan 4, 2020 by

Burpees For BushFires: The CrossFit Community Rallies Behind those Affected in Australia

Unprecedented bushfires are burning in Australia, prompting overwhelming support from the entire CrossFit

CrossFit Games

Jan 3, 2020 by

Waiting For A Wildcard: Newbury To Make Competition Comeback

Australian James Newbury admits his season so far is “very different from any other” but the 5th Fittest


Jan 2, 2020 by

Games Athlete Coaches “CrossFit” As A Subject To High Schoolers

Harriet Roberts is bound to have street-cred with her students upon returning home to Australia. She qualified


Jan 1, 2020 by

Big Bucks On Athlete Endorsements To Cap Off A Big Year For NOCCO

It seems like just yesterday we welcomed NOCCO – one of Europe’s leading BCAA beverages – to


Dec 30, 2019 by

In Remission and Already Tackling The Rower

It’s always a privilege and pleasure in this job to bring you the GOOD NEWS stories. We introduced you to


Dec 26, 2019 by

The Expert Advice To Enjoy AND Stay On Track This Holiday Season

The Christmas challenge was set. Instead of AMRAPS, perhaps you hit a PR of EAMTAS (Eat As Much Turkey As


Dec 19, 2019 by

What We’ve Learnt About Changes (Or Lack Thereof) To The Australian Sports Supplement Industry

Last month, we filled you in on the state of play with the Australian sports supplement industry. Quick

CrossFit Games

Dec 12, 2019 by

Cultural Challenges of Competing Outside The (Country) Comfort Zone

It wasn’t funny at the time, but many can sympathize with a travel experience that’s hilarious in hindsight.

CrossFit Games

Dec 7, 2019 by

Two New Implements And More Cultural References At Sanctioned Events Worldwide

Pandaland CrossFit Challenge has become part of a growing trend of sanctioned events adding unique and

CrossFit Games

Dec 5, 2019 by

A Games Comeback Story Likely To Begin in Pandaland

We’re descending on Tianfu “the land of plenty,” as the Pandaland CrossFit Challenge makes its debut on


Dec 3, 2019 by

The Unassuming Athletes Turned World Record Holders: And How You Can Claim One Too

Almost by accident. That’s how Australian Kate Hilliard claimed her first Concept2 SkiErg world record. In


Dec 2, 2019 by

Why Coaches Need Coaches: Let’s Admit We Need Help

I’m by no means a professional athlete, but there is a valid reason to my nickname is “CrossBrit.” I’m

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