What Were the Most Read Stories of 2021

December 29, 2021 by
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To a certain extent, the lines are blurred between where 2020 ended and 2021 began, partially because the 2020 CrossFit Games finished in October last year then it was only a quick break before the 2021 season began. More likely, however, because the global pandemic continued to affect various parts of our lives from travel, to work, relationships, consumer goods, gym access, and basically everything else. 

Over the last twelve months, the staff wrote nearly 1,000 stories focused exclusively on the sport and community of CrossFit, its trends, developments, retirements, victories, and some unfortunate tragedies. 

It’s clear looking back, that this global community is both growing and thriving. The multi-billion-dollar CrossFit ecosystem continues to attract attention across the globe, thankfully for more positive reasons than in years past, but it’s also maturing a little. CrossFit training is, after all, entering its 22nd year, young by comparison to many other industries, but beginning to build on firmer foundations I look forward to writing about.

For now, here are our top 10 most viewed stories and 10 stories (not on the previous list) that were impactful for the community at large.

The Most Page Views

Ten articles ranked in order by most page views. 

  1. “Why I’m Retiring” by Mathew Fraser 
  2. Police Ban Cedric Lapointe From Training in Gym on Grounds that CrossFit Isn’t a Registered Sport by Emily Beers
  3. Female CrossFit Athletes Expose the Dark Underbelly of Instagram: “It’s Just What You Have to Deal With Now” by Tess Garcia
  4. Lori Brozovich Finds Bigger Purpose to Lose Weight than “Getting Skinny,” Sheds 100 Pounds by Emily Beers
  5. CrossFit Introduces Seven New “Girl” Workouts by Patrick Clark
  6. 14 Women Making Waves in CrossFit by Morning Chalk Up Staff
  7. Four Takeaways From Mathew Fraser’s Interview on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast by Patrick Clark
  8. “An Uncomfortable Conversation” by Khan Porter 
  9. “My Postpartum Fall: Speaking Up” by Annie Thorisdottir 
  10. Live Like Laura: CrossFit Community Mourns the Loss of Laura Schwartzenberger by Maggie Weaver

Stories with Impact

Ten articles, in no particular order, that didn’t make the above list for most page views, but represent important and significant moments over the last twelve months. 

  1. Larissa Cunha Calls on CrossFit to Revisit Drug Sanction Decision by Lauren Kalil
  2. How CrossFit Changed Our Relationship with Food: Five Women Tell their Stories by Emily Beers
  3. The Affiliate Playbook Is Here, Major Takeaways From The Global Launch Of CrossFit’s New Tool by Tommy Marquez
  4. The Rise of the New Athletepreneur: How Athletes are Building Portfolios to Plan for the Future by John Newby
  5. One Year Later: Eric Roza as CrossFit CEO by Lauren Kalil
  6. Making the Case for Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson as the ‘Fittest European Man of All-Time’ by Patrick Clark
  7. Send More European Women To The CrossFit Games…They’ve Earned It by Brian Friend
  8. 200+ Around Globe Found CrossFit on YouTube During Pandemic Thanks to L3 Coach Chris Stephen by Emily Beers
  9. The Day Mat Fraser Went to a Competition in a Prison by Maggie Weaver
  10. Banned Substances: How Ostarine is Creeping into the Supply Chain by Lauren Kalil

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