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CrossFit Saved this Cop’s Life After Brutal Stabbing

The story. It was a small, quiet wedding. Only five people were present. Jill Kidik and her

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East Woodbridge Disqualified Due to Failed Drug Test

What happened? Laura Hosier, who declined her individual invitation to compete as a member of East


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EPIC Food for Epic Health

What is it? EPIC, the company we all know and love for their tasty meat snacks, has just gotten


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For the CrossFit Nomad, the Road is to 500

Background. Cameron Bucek first dropped in to CrossFit Vibe in Costa Mesa in 2013. Bucek travels


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When You’re Stealing Avocados to Fuel Your Obsession

Gimme the scoop. The avocado craze has given us so many wonderful things from toast to dip to face


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Another Hidden Camera Found in a CrossFit Affiliate’s Bathroom

What now? Another hidden camera was found inside a CrossFit affiliate. This time in a unisex


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When a Burglar Targets Your CrossFit Gear

The story. Last month, fifteen-year-old Tori Gallegos from Toowoomba, Australia qualified for her


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A Brief History of National Doughnut Day

Way way back in 1938… The Salvation Army in Chicago created this event to honor the “Donut


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When Your Community Hates CrossFit

Background. CrossFit Horsepower prides themselves on serving the community. Their website reads,

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Hayley Murillo: “Miss you Mama”

Individual competitor Hayley Murillo posted on her Instagram that she was dedicating Day 3 to her

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Neal Maddox Plays a Long Game

“Every year I say this is my last year. This has been my last year for 3 or 4 years!” Neal


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76, Prostate Cancer, Radiation, and a Hero WOD a Day

Say what? When Marc Tony Joyce came up with the idea to do Hero wods every day through May to


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Help Save Cleveland High School CrossFit

If you build it, they will come. In 2010, teacher and CrossFit coach Kendra Gardner took ten


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Death, Then CrossFit

My father was an alcoholic. Most of my childhood memories are of him in varying states of


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Would You Give Your CrossFit Coach Your Kidney?

Why can’t I do this,” Codiee Lofquist thought to himself. A coach who regularly squatted north