Jan 3, 2018 by

Dropping In Just Got Super Easy

What’s up? How do you find the right CrossFit class to drop into when you’re traveling? Google:


Dec 19, 2017 by

The Body Image Lies We Tell Ourselves

This year, I went from 67kg/147 pounds to 62.5 kg to my highest at 72kg/158 pounds. Ever since I started


Dec 19, 2017 by

Does Being Paleo Get You More Action on Tinder?

The story. We all love food, so it’s no surprise that it’s a great topic of conversation to break the


Dec 14, 2017 by

Muscle Ups and Machine Guns

The story. Not your typical headline, but this isn’t your typical competition either. Did you say


Dec 13, 2017 by

A Letter to RX Athletes from a Scaler

For three years, I’ve watched with starry eyes at the RX athletes in my gym as they crush bar muscle ups,


Dec 4, 2017 by

History of the Sweet Potato

Hello there. Most of you have probably eaten a sweet potato at least once in your life. And chances are


Nov 28, 2017 by

How Thrive Market Gives Back

The story. We at Morning Chalk Up believe that a giving community is a growing community, which is why we so


Nov 21, 2017 by

Three Things You Can’t Buy Till Black Friday

There are a ton of Black Friday deals. Many of them have already started. So instead of putting together 20


Nov 20, 2017 by

Diet Avocado Anyone?

The Avocado craze. I think it’s safe to say avocados are the modern muse of millennials. Never mind that


Nov 10, 2017 by

When You’re a Single CrossFitter Looking for Love

You know the story. Dating can be really hard. You find yourself spending more time at the box and a little


Nov 9, 2017 by

When You’re Born with a Genetic Anomaly

The Story. Meet Tommy. He was born with a very rare genetic anomaly (missing Chromosome #20), so rare that


Nov 3, 2017 by

I Didn’t Want to Try Because I Didn’t Want to Fail

I have been doing CrossFit at Synergy CrossFit in Suwanee, GA for a month now. I want to give you a clear


Oct 31, 2017 by

When a 10-Year-Old Can Out CrossFit You

The story. Move over Bey. There’s a new Queen B that we should all be aware of — and she comes in a


Oct 30, 2017 by

A Raid in Delhi

What Happened? Government officials “stormed” into Cross Fit Unisex Gym in Dehli, India, seizing


Oct 27, 2017 by

A 125 Pound Divorce

The story. Justin Holsomback was 27-years-old and running for the Georgia State House of Representatives when

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