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A CrossFitters Guide to Amazon Prime Day

Happy Amazon Prime Day! Unfamiliar with Amazon Prime Day? It’s basically Amazon’s


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7 Stunning CrossFit Transformations

This is all the #TransformationThursday inspiration you need to believe that anything is possible


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5 Things Candice Wagner Said About Her Body Every Woman Should Read

Candice Wagner is a CrossFit Games athlete. She’s strong, fit and capable of doing so much with


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East, South Regionals Bubble Athletes: Then and Now

Every competition comes with upsets and no athlete understands this better than the sixth place

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The Mysterious 7th Regionals Event

SO THERE’S NO BARBELL YOU SAY? So Dave Castro has released the full schedule of individual


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Weight Vests: How Regionals Athletes Are Training

As soon as Dave Castro dropped the hint about weight vests at Regionals, athletes started


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€100,000 for Irish Special Olympians

WHAT’S HAPPENING? So Ireland’s largest competition — The Filthy 150 —

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The First Hint at the CrossFit Games

SAY WHAT? Ok. This isn’t an official hint, it’s more like a clue, and to be honest we


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7 Times Alyssa Ritchey Lifted Stupid Amounts of Weight

Standing under 5 feet tall and weighing around 105 pounds, Alyssa Ritchey is small, but the


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Can Coffee Boost Performance?

THE SCOOP Have you ever been sitting at your desk, about to leave for CrossFit after a long day,


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What do Goats and Yoga Have in Common?

COME AGAIN? Yeah, you read that correctly. There’s a thing called Goat Yoga. A yogi named Emily


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Why Every Guy Is Missing Out On Emily Abbott

So Emily Abbott is single. And like many of us, the 27-year-old is doing a little online dating.


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6 Dumbbell WODs to Try Before the Open

CrossFit HQ did everyone a huge favor by actually confirming the weights and the equipment


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Kara Webb is the Goofiest CrossFitter

Awarded the 2016 Spirit of the Games award, Kara Webb has one of the most iconic and genuine


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Reebok Goes For 62 World Records

WHAT HAPPENED NOW? So we got it wrong, kinda. Yesterday, we wrote about the seven Aussie athletes